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Published on June 12th, 2020 | by Bibhuranjan


Buyer’s Guide to Refurbished Phones

Smartphones are in need every single day. From getting our daily dose of news to tracking our steps and calories – our entire world resides within the palm of our hands. However, buying smartphones comes with a cost, and the more advanced the phone, the bigger the price tag.

High-end smartphones are pretty expensive. Even with all the sales and special promotional offers, you can still end up spending a lot more than you’d like to. That is why many consumers today are choosing refurbished phones over brand new ones.

In this article, we will elaborate on what a refurbished phone is and answer some of the questions that keep you awake while contemplating whether to buy one or not.

What is a Refurbished Phone?

Refurbished phones are, in essence, second-hand phones or pre-owned phones that were returned to the manufacturer or retailer. There tends to be a certain stigma surrounding these phones. A common misconception is that such refurbished phones will be faulty, defective or of a lower quality than a brand-new piece.

The truth, however, is that refurbished phones are thoroughly checked and tested on being returned. It means that any hardware or software problems that the phone may have had will have been repaired and restored to full working condition.

The difference, then, between a refurbished phone and a brand new one is very little. Unlike new ones, refurbished phones may show a few signs of wear based on the previous usage and may not come along with the accompanying accessories that a new phone would offer. However, in terms of functionality and performance, these refurbished phones are as good as new.

Should I Trust a Refurbished Phone?

There are several concerns raised when it comes to purchasing a second-hand product and rightfully so. When making this decision, it is important to do sufficient research to ensure that the product you are buying is reliable and of good quality.

Another tip to make sure that the phone you are buying is a good one is to always check for a warranty. If the phone has been thoroughly checked and restored and has no issues, it will, in most cases, include a warranty along with the purchase. If there is no warranty, it should be a red flag. Sellers like The Big Phone Store offer a free 12 month warranty with their devices, as a customer this should show you that they’re both confident in the quality of their devices as well as willing to sort any issues out for their customers.

The place where you are buying the phone also makes a difference. If the refurbished phone that you are buying is from an established retailer or network, rest assured that the phone has been thoroughly scanned, cleaned, restored, and covered with a warranty. Always try to buy a refurbished piece from the company that originally made the phone. It is the best way to get your money’s worth. Apple, for instance, has started selling refurbished iPhones, among other devices.

Finally, always read the fine print when it comes to a reconditioned phone. The fine print will reveal any potential problems or flaws that otherwise may have gone unnoticed. For instance, look out for phones marked ‘as is’ as products that may be disappointing.

How Can I Save Money When Buying a Refurbished Phone?

Refurbished phones are quite honestly a steal. Not only are the phones in full working condition, with quality that matches any newly purchased phone, but these phones are also much more affordable and cost-effective than they would have been, were they brand new.

Considering that refurbished phones are those phones that were previously owned, they are automatically much cheaper than buying a new phone. The discount will depend on the brand as well as the model of the phone.

For some brands, more recently released models and handsets may not come with much lower price from a brand new one. Older models, however, will most definitely come with much greater discounts.

As smartphones depreciate in value fairly quickly, the new device you bought a week ago, will not be worth as much today. It means that if you want a phone that is an older model or isn’t in circulation as much, you can get the refurbished version and also get it at a much better price.

Another way to save money buying a refurbished phone is being willing to buy phones that have existing faults that the seller is aware of. In some cases, when a phone is fully working but may have screen burn (A red tint across the screen where the LCD has been left on for too long) or a faulty fingerprint reader, the cost of the repair is often more than the sale.

If you are willing to use a phone that has minor faults – you can save a lot of money buying them!

Are Refurbished Phones Just Second-Hand Phones?

The term ‘second-hand phone’ offers an easy way of understanding what a refurbished phone is. However, rather than being passed on from one user to the other like most second-hand products, a good, refurbished phone will go through legitimate channels to be checked and repaired before it reaches you.

In a lot of cases, the returned phones have nothing wrong with them, even before they are repaired and may have been returned simply because the user did not like the phone. Any defects in the phone are identified and corrected through quality inspection tests to make sure that these phones are completely market-ready. Some phones may have a few scratches or dents from the previous user; however, very often, even the exterior of the phone will be in near-mint condition.

In any case, buying a refurbished phone is a great way of guaranteeing that your phone has been thoroughly checked, corrected, and given the stamp of approval before you use it.

On a final note, refurbished phones are a great buy, not to mention an environmentally friendly and sustainable option. Buying refurbished phones is an excellent way of recycling a perfectly good phone and doing your bit for the planet. These phones are reliable, function well, and can offer you all of the features that you love about the phone in the first place. We hope that this article dispelled any queries or doubts that you had about refurbished phones and how to go about buying them.

So, if you are seriously thinking about purchasing a refurbished phone – go for it. Make sure you’re going through the proper channels and ensuring that the seller is one that is trusted and has good reviews!

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