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What are the most used LED products for decoration?

LED lights are a great investment, and the general benefits of LED lighting technology are varied and they play an important role in decoration. LED lights are durable, cost-effective. Shinelongled probably the best option available on the market today. Not only, but they have also more years of useful life than traditional ones.

The most common application of decorative lighting is used when looking to highlight a certain characteristic of an element or space and can be used indoors or outdoors. It can be used as ambient lighting and can take many different forms, depending on style, space, function, and many other details.

Below we share the most used products that are used for decorative lighting of spaces.

LED strips

LED strip lights from create a colorful and fresh effect at the same time. Its slim and flexible structure allows it to be placed in places where traditional light bulbs cannot go, such as under cabinets and in drawers. This means that they are also functional: they can provide light over spaces even behind a mirror, television, or under the bed.

Profiles for LED strips

LED strip profiles allow you to mount your LED strips quickly and easily. They are specifically designed for the protection and housing of LED strip lights. Most of the profiles are made of aluminum and in various shapes such as rectangular profiles, corner profiles and curved profiles. Its variety of shapes, accessories, fixtures and the possibility of cutting them to size allow creating linear lighting systems that give a special touch to any space.

COB type LED

COB-type LEDs are basically several LED chips (usually nine or more) directly attached to form a single module. Since the individual LEDs used in a COB are chips and are not traditionally packaged, they can be mounted in such a way that they take up less space and realize the greatest potential of the LED chips. When the COB is on, it looks more like a lighting panel than multiple individual lights, as would be the case when using multiple LEDs mounted together.

They can be used in interior and exterior lighting applications, including architectural lighting, recessed lighting, area, and object lighting, and high-intensity lighting.

Amplifiers for LEDs

What amps do is ensure color, clarity, and brightness that is especially consistent for installations. For regular density strips, we recommend an amp after every two reels, as the farther the lights are away from the power source, the more likely they are to experience dimming. If you use high-density strips, you will need amplifiers with twice the frequency.

Dimmers for LEDs

A dimmer or light dimmer is used to regulate the intensity of the light, the brightness it gives. Normally, the switch is usually a knob, which when turned, gradually increases the brightness of the lamp.

Drivers for LEDs

Lighting controls allow smooth operation of a lighting system. They help regulate the level and quality of light depending on environmental factors.


Devices used to make the lighting of LEDs more personalized and automated. There are buttons, with motion or infrared sensors, offering great versatility in the use of the new led luminaires.

These are some of the most used LED products that you can use for decoration. The options, uses and applications are as wide as your imagination and creativity.

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