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Mannequins vs. Models—Which to Use to Optimally Display Your Brand Online

Online stores can optimally display their products using mannequins, professional models or amateur models. Professional models are excellent choices for branding but they are a bit costly. Mannequins and amateur models are cost-effective and amazing choices, too.

And so, startups and small businesses are left to decide between mannequins and amateur models. To choose the best between the two, you have to factor in ongoing costs, reward/risk scenario, and budget. Models use a live body to display your brand and so they are unique and professional. Mannequins are simply unfailing merchandising solutions that are easy to use and budget-friendly. A good ghost mannequin services provider will deliver superb looking mannequins to optimize your store’s revenue generation. For some businesses, you just need mannequin head and not the whole body.

Watch out for this comprehensive guide to creating award-winning DIY product photography using amateurs and the benefits of mannequins.

DIY Product Photography Using Amateur Models

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Take professional-grade product photos that can be clipped and filtered to give your products a life-like look in these easy DIY photography tips.

1. Choose the Right Model

If you are to shoot professional product photos using amateur models, you should factor in these three important considerations.

  • Comfort level—if you’re not comfortable while in the studio shooting product photos using models, you will not communicate your message well. So, ensure the mood and settings of the studio are superb as they will directly reflect in the photos. Ensure you and your models are happy and ready for the photo shoot, too.
  • Availability—shoot product images that are consistent and timeless. Amateur models tell more about the body type variation and so you are advised to use one or two pieces for consistency. The shots will be more efficient and impressive if you and your model are in good terms.
  • Fitting—consider how well the product fits in your model. Ensure the fitting is excellent and pleasing. It should fit well without needing adjustment. Fitting an excessively huge product to a small model will create inconsistency. Use model size and use it throughout the photography shooting session so you can achieve optimal fitting and impressive look.

2. Set Up the Studio Well

A large enough studio spacing that allows free moving of the model will make the photo shooting session exciting and fruitful. However, extra-large studio spacing can make the model stroll away from the frame. Elect a unique backdrop boundary to set the model in place and allow for easy aiming of the camera.

The equipment needed for each photography project will vary but for starters, a white sheet or backdrop will do the trick. White backdrops are widely used by eCommerce marketplaces as they allow for easy lighting before and during the shooting session. Beginners can use the materials readily for free online to learn the basics of setting up a wonderful studio. A tripod is another wonderful tool ideal for adding consistency and sharpness to the photos you shoot.

3. Uniquely Set up Your Lighting Equipment

Rent or buy high-quality lighting equipment. These are some of the most expensive pieces of photographing equipment, so check on your budget. Set up the lights so they impersonate the soft and natural window light. Seeking professional advice on proper photography lighting can save you from making costly mistakes.

4. Set the Model

Set your model so it tells your visions and story in an impressive way. The class X marks spot is the most suitable approach. It involves taping an X on the studio floor close to the camera or beneath the feet of the models. The X will create a shooting target so you won’t have to adjust the model regularly.

5. Shoot Professionally

Allow enough spacing on the sides of the model when you are shooting. That will allow your clipping path service provider company to seamlessly size and crop the model to meet the demands of different channels and marketplaces. Instruct your model properly so it can achieve branding your vision in a precise and clear way. Now, get the photos optimized for the internet by having them edited and cropped by a professional clipping service.

What to Know About Mannequins

Mannequins are the most cost-effective merchandising and product display tools. They’re the photographer’s best friend and range in price from $60 to $600. These marketing tools are never out of fashion and buyers do not have to worry about rate hikes or overtimes.

Offer Easy Product Fitting

Casting a model whether an amateur or professional takes time and may not always work for everyone. Although fitting can be improved using clips and clips or styling, it requires a high level of professionalism.

Mannequins are something else when it comes easy fitting. You can easily discover the perfect fit for your merchandising project by checking the product measurements online. Mannequins may not offer the best flexibility, but the good thing is, mannequins can be prodded and poked while being styled. They are made of different materials and so ensure you discover one that matches your brand’s goals.

Branding Practicality

Mannequins may not deliver optimal value when used in branding, but can still get things done if used appropriately. Provided you get a subtly ornamented, sleek and modernly finished mannequin, you will efficiently reinforce the positioning of your brand. You can eradicate the distractions common with mannequins by using the ones with invisible effects. Working with a professional ghost mannequin services company will help you fine-tune and clip the mannequins to match the desired brand visions.

Which Should You Choose

Choose models if you want to project your product and brand in a professional way. Mannequins are highly recommended to anyone who wants to enjoy consistency and affordability.

Combing the two can also work great as well-known brands and boutiques have successfully done the same. Mannequins or amateur models are great for product photos while professional models give optimal value when used in branding.

Whatever your preferences, blending the cheapness and consistency of mannequins with the professionalism of models can help optimize the success of your merchandizing and product display project.

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