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10 “Back to School” Laptops to Every Budget

September is coming soon, and you might be considering buying a new laptop for yourself or for your children. As homework is more and more moving into the online world, it has become essential to have a computer at home that you can also take it to school with you.

But there are so many options available and so many different needs and budgets that you might be glad to find a list with the best laptops for students. So, without wasting any more of your time, let’s have a look at the selection below.

1 – The Chromebook – Acer Chromebook 15


If you know that you will be online most of the time, you should consider buying a Chromebook. And the Acer Chromebook15 is a powerful option, with long battery life, and lower price compared to conventional laptops. It costs only US$ 297.53 on Amazon, so it is the best choice for those on a tight budget.

2 – The high-end Mac – 13.3-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display


If you are ready to pay a bit more, and you can’t live without an Apple device, then you should check the 13.3-inch MacBook Pro with retina display. It has a great battery life and high-resolution display, making it ideal to watch videos and work on images. But prepare your wallet to spend US$ 1122.79 on it as nothing high-end is cheap, especially if created by Apple. And don’t forget to tell that you are a student before paying for it, as you might get a discount and freebies.

3 – The low-budget Mac – 13-inch MacBook Air


But, if you want to save a bit without giving up of a Mac, you might want to test the 13-inch MacBook Air. It is much more affordable than the Pro and still is very decent. Its battery life lasts for stupendous 12 hours, but be aware that you won’t get any retina display with this model. MacBook Air costs from US$ 999 depending on how much storage you need. And if you are OK with something even smaller, you can try the 11-inch model, available for 100 dollars less. Again, remember to mention that you are a student before paying for your laptop.

4 – The netbook – Lenovo ThinkPad


Lenovo ThinkPad is a great option if you are looking for something really portable but still able to do the job. To ensure its portability, it comes with a rugged design to protect it. It also has a decent AMD processor with integrated graphics and Dolby surround sound. On the other hand, it is probably not the choice for someone who needs large storage space, because you will have to give up of a better processor in order to double the gigabytes available on the hard drive. For US$ 254.59 on Amazon.

5 – The high-end laptop – 2016 Razer Blade


Looking for something you can show off? Or do you really need something more powerful? Then go to the nearest online or offline shop and buy a 2016 Razor Blade. This laptop has become a hit thanks to its cool design and high performance, ready to make game addicts and video editors more than happy. For around US$ 1,999, you will take home and to school a device capable of accomplishing almost any task.

6 – The low-budget laptop – Dell XPS 13


Dell XPS 13 is the best choice for those looking for cost-benefit. It performs well, has a good battery life, is small, and looks nice with its aluminium and carbon-fiber body. And it costs only US$ 799, so you can’t go wrong with it. The backlit keyboard has two levels of lighting, and you can also choose a touchscreen model of this laptop – paying more for it, of course. The only concern here is the fact that the webcam is awkwardly positioned, so you might want to check it before going live during a conference or to an online class.

Low-budget laptop is particularly good for students who deal with writing essays, for example (small hint) or making laboratory works.

7 – The hybrid (2-1) laptop – HP Pavilion x2


If you are looking for an option that put together the best of a laptop and a tablet for an affordable price, then the HP Pavilion x2 might be what you have been looking for. It isn’t one of the most powerful of the kind, but it is much cheaper than its competitors – only US$ 500. This hybrid laptop is more stable on a desk, but it is all made of plastic, so be careful with it.

8 – The ultrabook – Asus Zenbook UX305


This fanless laptop cuts not only the noise but also the weight of your backpack. It is so thin and light that you might even forget that it is there. But the good news is that it doesn’t compromise its performance at all. It is also affordable (only US$ 601.62), made of aluminium, and look cool on any table. You will also fall for the glare-free screen, and the excellent keyboard and trackpad.

9 – The tablet that substitutes a laptop – iPad Pro


The new iPad Pro is conquering hearts with its ability to substitute a laptop. It has a 13-inch screen, so it is much bigger than an iPad Air, but its goal is different, of course. The idea is making you comfortable enough to use it as you would use your laptop, so, besides the screen size, it comes with improved accessories.

The stylus Pencil (S$ 99) is extremely accurate and has a side connector for keyboards, making of it a new must-have for aspiring artists. And the Smart Keyboard (US$ 169) is also perfect to type assignments. But it also means that after adding both accessories to the price of the tablet (US$ 799), you will be spending as much as you would for a laptop.

10 – The gaming laptop – Lenovo IdeaPad Y700


With more and more games finding their way inside schools, a laptop ready to run them might not be a bad idea. And Lenovo IdeaPad Y700 is an affordable choice considering other gaming laptops, but that still might be able to run most of the educational games. It costs US$ 939.54 on Amazon, it is a bit bigger than other models listed here, but its 15-inch will still fit in your backpack. It also has an anti-glare display and a chiclet-style keyboard.

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