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How to Design Your Dream House

Moving into your very own house and designing it is a dream come true. Everyone has ideas and designs in mind for their dream house. Of course, a happy, comfortable, and beautiful home is a priority. With careful planning and guidance from professionals, you can learn how to design a home that is perfect and is the embodiment of your ideas. Here are some tips you can use to start the long but exciting journey of decorating your very own house at New South Homes!

Taking Accurate Measurements

Measurements are the most important part of designing a house. You must know the scales of your rooms and the furniture. Decorating a small room with heavy furniture makes it look crowded and vice versa. Similarly, the furniture might not fit in the area at times. Take measurements of everything in your house. From doors to the windows, keep knowledge of everything and write it down, so you never know when you need anything. 

Carefully measuring everything can help you avoid problems that involve stuff not fitting in the required area. 

Copying the Professionals 

It is always a smart choice to take guidance from professionals in the field. If you do not have access to anyone, have a look at online portfolios or booklets. You can always take inspiration from anywhere. Pinterest is a great platform to take ideas on how to design your dream house. Once you have selected all the ideas you like, study them in detail and merge them. Mix up several Inspirations and create a style that suits you perfectly. After all, it is your house, and the joy of doing something yourself for it is unmatched. 


Knowing your budget should be your topmost priority. Plan it out first thing. If you spend a lot of money on a random sofa, you will be left with nothing to style the rest of the house with. Make portions of your budget and decide how much you will be spending on every area. If you want cheap paint but expensive wall decorations, it is totally up to you. Choose whatever you are comfortable with.

House Placement

First of all, you must familiarize yourself with local building restrictions. Local building authorities may enforce some rules and regulations. You must be aware of them because violating them can cause fines and loss either. Moreover, some areas will get more natural light than others. This will influence your home design.

Other natural agents like hills, trees, and smaller plants also affect the placement of your house. For example, hills affect the sewage and water drainage system. Meanwhile, trees provide shade and resistance to wind and snow, etc.

Match Your House with Home

Everyone remembers the size and placement of the kitchen and master bedroom. But this is not all. You must also focus on the size and position of the storeroom and a place for you to relax. How much storage will you need? What would be the best place to make a living room? Will you need an outdoor resting place? Such things ultimately make your house a home. Therefore, you must give them due attention and do not miss out Michelle Doornbosch for great tips for your land use planning.

For a home office, you must consider its size, position (as in should it be connected to the master bedroom?), natural light, furniture, noise levels? 


Even if you aren’t done with the house plan yet, you must have a clear idea of what kind of house style you want. There are numerous styles that can be divided into two main niches: modern and traditional. It includes cottage, farmhouse, Victorian Tudor, mid-century modern, contemporary, and much more.

If you are not sure about which style you want, look them up or describe your preference to a professional. Usually, modern houses have subdued colors and materials like reinforced steel or concrete. At the same time, cottage and country french have a lot of variety and bright colors.

The Verdict

It is important that you have knowledge about designing a house before you actually start the task. Otherwise, you might find yourself in trouble. Have a look at different houses and plan everything beforehand, so you do not have any issues when you finally get started.

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