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How Technology Can Help You Stay Organised

Having your days organised on a daily basis can sometimes be hard to do when having such a busy schedule and a to-do-list as long as the bible. But, we all know that technology can pretty much conquer anything nowadays, and yes that’s right, it can even get you organised!


On the other hand, when staying organised turns into a routine and you give yourself the best possible tools to do so, staying composed can be less demanding than you might suspect. Being organised has its advantages such as minimizing stress levels, rewarding yourself with some free time, allows you to be more productive and of course, it makes your life so much easier! So, how can I use technology to help me stay organised you ask? Here are just a few simple ways on how!


There are now hundreds of organisation tool apps out there that you can simply download to your Smartphone in a matter of minutes, and the best part of this, most of them are free! Having an app like this on your phone may just be the best thing you ever download as they enable you to plan out your days, check things off, remind you of important event and plan your time more effectively. Most of them are very user friendly so even the most novice of user could work them and they are easily found on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. With an app like this you no longer need to worry about what needs to be done and when or where your files are etc. as they perform like your new digital personal assistant, keeping you on the go and keeping everything in one place!

The Cloud

The cloud is a web based storage service and is a great way to keep you organised. It can store your documents securely in one place and is always accessible when you need it. It is simple, quick and easy to upload important documents and retrieve them for that matter and gives you piece of mind knowing that they will never get lost. Not only can this store all of your important files, but the cloud has many other benefits to keeping you organised, it’s just a case of picking the right cloud service for you!

Mobile Phones

Most mobile phones these days already have a calendar installed on the handset when you buy it, yet most people don’t pay attention to this brilliant feature. All this time you probably already had a great way to stay organised and plan your time effectively right in front of you! This really helpful tool can do pretty much the same as any organisation app out there, so they should not be overlooked! With them already being installed on your device, it is very easy to access and quick to use. You can add reminders, create a list of things you have to do on a particular day, plan ahead, check days and dates and most calendars automatically add special occasions and bank holidays without you having to add this in.

Using technology to stay organised is a great way to plan your days and time effectively. You may find that turning your to-do-list digital may just be the best thing for you as it will make your days to much simpler to manage and will minimize those sky high stress levels and will motivate you to be much more productive. Being organised means that you are in control, so give one of these a shot!


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Laura Morrissey is a writer for Disc Assessment. She shares tips for both employers and employees in working to the best of their ability together. Her specialist areas are motivation and team building.

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