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8 Benefits of Using a Small Wallet

The introduction of Kinzd Slim Wallets made life easier. To keep most of your valuables such as the credit cards, IDs and cash in an organized way, you just need one of the wallets. Unlike some years ago, when people were going for the bulky wallets, the Kinzd Slim wallets have captured the hearts of most individuals and no one would feel ashamed of carrying them around. Here are the key reasons you should start carrying one too.

1. Easier access to your documents

After getting a minimalist wallet, you will easily find the document you want because you do not have to move with all your documents. Place it in the pocket of men’s leather bags, and you are good to go.

You just need to move with only what you need. That is particularly important when in crowded lines and you need to produce your credit or subway card. With a minimalist wooden wallet, you do not have to look through tons of lint, old receipts and the expired gift cards you have gathered over the years. Such a situation will never arise with minimalist wooden wallet where the size will prevent the chances of hoarding the documents you do not need. You will access the important cards easily.

2. Carry only what you need

Most people store things that they hardly look at or use in their wallets. By dumping the old huge wallet, you will be able to do some cleaning and use your small wallet to carry the items you need on a daily basis solely. If you already have frequent eater cards or loyalty reward cards for those places you go to, you will have to leave them at home or inside your car – unless you will have to go each day. Carrying them around each day will not make sense if you only go to the places on a monthly basis. Keep your business cards at home or in your office.

3. Will perfectly fit in your wallet

The bulging back pocket, associated with huge wallets, will look silly particularly when wearing fitting pants. A small wallet will fit in your shirt or pants’ pockets perfectly. You do not have to worry about your appearance anymore.

You do not have to keep track of many cards

Most people have 3-4 credit cards. By reducing the cards, you will only carry 1-2 cards each day. That way, you will manage to keep your activities organized.

4. Lesser risk if the wallet is stolen or lost

When in a crowded place like a subway, you are likely to lose control of what is happening with the back pocket. However, you will remain in full control of your essentials when with a minimalist wallet in your front pocket in the same places. Strangers are likely to press against you when in a crowded place and that alone will make it hard to notice the pickpockets and the odd opportunists. Lack of oversight does not occur when the wallet is in the front pocket.

5. You do not have to feel ashamed of your wallet when in a crowd

Taking up the old, torn wallet that you have been using since the early 90s will never be a pretty sight. It will also not increase your stature when the people around you see it. Minimalist wooden wallets will do the opposite and people will compliment you each time you get it out. You will enjoy using it around your friends and fellow workers because it will impress them.

6. No damages to your cards

People who carry the traditional billfolds will remove them when sitting down or immediately they arrive in your office. Mostly, they do that to avoid damaging their cards or IDs. Failure to do that leads to damages and as a result, you might need to replace your cards frequently. That might be a lot of work particularly if you have already linked them to your online accounts, which require monthly subscriptions. Go for a minimalist wooden wallet to avoid such issues.

7. Less worries if the wallet goes missing

By carrying 1-2 debit or credit cards, you will worry less if the wallet goes missing. You will just need to notify the bank. If your wallet that holds over 10 cards went missing, you would spend a whole day calling the bank asking them to cancel the cards.


The Kinzd Slim Wallet will help you organize your cash and cards. They come in four different types of wood and offer 2-elastic bands. The manufacturer uses re-purposed wood to make them. And because they come with full money back guarantee, you should demand your money back if they do not match your needs.

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