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Guest Posting: What Things to Know to Get Started?

Since the advancement in technology, marketing products online seems a more workable option than the conventional methods. If you own a website, you will need the traffic to increase your sales and eventually get profit from your business. Newly launched websites might not have enough traffic, and in such scenarios, guest posting comes to the rescue.

If you do not wish to work it around yourself, you can take help from High Quality Guest Posting Services, they have a lot of experience in this domain and know stuff to increase traffic and domain authority of your website. There are some things that you as a beginner should know and follow to get the maximum reward out of guest posting. Read on to know it.

What is Guest Posting?

Guest Posting is a strategy where you post your content on some other website. You are considered as a guest and hence the name: “guest posting”. The website gets quality work from you and in return, you will achieve traffic and a boosted domain authority if you work well with the backlinks. It is a widely recognized win-win technique for both the parties involved.

Things to Know to Get Started

1. Search Your Way Out

First and the foremost thing to perform is the task of finding guest post sites. You can run google searches with few phrases. To begin with, search “top your_domain_name blog lists”. For example, if your domain is technology, search “top technology blog lists”. This will get you a few sites.

You can also write as “technology guest posting sites”, “technology write for us” etc. This can be changed as per convenience. The ultimate goal is to reach those sites that have higher domain authority. Apart from google search, you can also find sites by searching through different social media platforms. Once you have finalized the site, you need to write a pitch and contact the editor of the website.

2. Linking Text in the Content

The words you hyperlink in the text are generally called anchor texts. These anchor texts should be relevant to your keywords and should deliver a meaningful message. However, you must refrain from stuffing links in the article. If google identifies links as spammy (only if you overdo), it will penalize your website.

3. Quality Content At Any Cost

Many people think that Guest Blogging is weakening over time as Google has warned to not use it just for boosting ranks. However, the original context is quite different from what people have interpreted. Google just conveyed not to misuse Guest Posting. As soon as guest blogging came into existence, a post seen on different platforms was considered as a success. In today’s time, a post is not enough. It should be delivering great content too. Google Algorithms consider user experience in ranking as well, and hence, genuine information with proper reference links will help you to achieve better page ranking.

4. Refrain From Paying The Host Site

Do not pay the host site to write content. Even if it is quite affordable under the business model of your website, it is against the policy of Google. If you get caught by the Google Algorithms, it will degrade your search engine rankings. Hence, refrain from paying, even under the table! Apart from it, check the domain authority of the website as well. There are different tools that you can use to do the same. You can go after a website that has domain authority greater than or equal to 25.

5. Include Links in Content as well as Author bio

You should include links naturally throughout the content as well as in the author bio section. Both are vital, as the former one will get you more traffic while the later one might increase your list of followers. Make sure you write a neat and precise author bio as it is the place from which your target audience will end up on the landing page.

That’s all about tips to gain maximum benefit from guest posting. Guest posting requires a hefty amount of time to be invested, and if you are not able to do the same, you can always go for Guest Posting Services that will write quality guest posts for you, which you can then post on the guest posting website. You can work with them if you think writing is not your cup of tea and they will create content for you based on your needs.


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