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5 Guest Posting Myths That You Should Know About

Over the years, guest posting has emerged as one of the best internet marketing strategies because it gets you dependable and visible results. If you are looking to promote your business website effectively and fast, nothing works better than promoting your content over high-authority blog sites that accept guest posts. However, there are some myths that reduce the trust factor for this strategy and dissuade businesses from using it as a part of their marketing arsenal. But you may be at loss if you fail to do guest posting or don’t do it right. Let us help you debunk the major guest posting myths.

Myth 1: You can get away with below-par content

If you think that you will be able to achieve success with below-par content, you are in for a surprise. Firstly, no guest site would be willing to accept content that does not match you’re their quality standards, even if you are giving it for free. Secondly, high quality content breeds trust for your business and readers will be interested in accessing your site if they are impressed with the value your content serves. Therefore, it becomes essential that you get quality guest posts and submitcore guest posting is a name you can trust for the same.

Myth 2: You are providing content for free

Another misconception about guest posting is that you are providing content for free, but this is true only in the literal sense. You are doing it in exchange of a backlink from the host site, which can actually fetch their traffic to your website. A quality backlink acts as a long-term asset for your business because it gets you the attention of potential customers, many of whom can convert and yield revenues for your business. So it would be wrong to say that you are doing a favor to the host site by providing free content.

Myth 3: Google does not favor guest posting

The recent rumors about guest posting being dead had led to some misconceptions related to this practice. However, it still holds strong from the branding perspective and there is no truth to the statement about guest blogging losing its value. It continues to be an important strategy to support your SEO tactics by driving extra traffic to your business website from blogs with high authority. The secret lies in posting on quality sites that are relevant too.

Myth 4: Niche relevance is not much of a concern

There is a common myth that you can post just anywhere and get a boost, irrespective of the niche of the host site. But how can you justify posting a content on a fashion blog if you are running a pure tech-based site. Niche relevance is, therefore, the backbone of a successful guest blogging strategy. Be careful and get links only from niche-relevant blogs because irrelevant links can cause more harm than good. Google prefers inbound links that come from similar sites and gives you a better ranking accordingly.

Myth 5: SEO has nothing to do with guest blogging

Another common guest posting myth is that it has nothing to do with SEO but the fact is that the two go hand in hand. Unless your guest post is well-optimized, you will not be able to get any benefits from it. There is a need to optimize the title, images and keywords to get it ranked on Google. Such posts serve as long-term assets because they keep getting high traffic volumes to your site as long as they are ranked. Businesses can have their in-house team or outsource SEO services for optimizing their guest posts.

Hiring a reliable guest blogging service is a good idea to use this tactic effectively. You can trust submitcore seo reseller for the job because they have extensive SEO and blogger outreach skills, which give you a dual advantage. An optimal blend of these two strategies can boost your website within no time and get you lasting results as well.

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