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Emerging from Myths Around Inserts for Running Shoes

Fitness is something that many people strive for. While every person has their preference over exercises and workouts to remain fit, for athletes, sports enthusiasts, and fitness freaks, running is the oldest and the strongest way of remaining fit and active. However, over eras of changes, even this traditional form of fitness activity has undergone changes and advancements. Today, people tend to stress on comforting arch supports, heel support while running with inserts for running shoes. At the same time, when these inserts have taken upon the athletic shoe market, with an estimated market worth of $3.5 billion by 2020, there are still many misconceptions and myths fogging the minds of people.

Need for Inserts for Running Shoes

It is not mandatory for every runner to use inserts. However, the purpose of inserts for running shoes is to stabilize the pressure exerted on your foot when you run. The entire body puts its weight and pressure on your feet when you are running, and structured insoles are designed with custom heel cups that help in the comfortable positioning of heels. Besides, this added support to your foot arch helps the aligning of your heel bone, lower leg muscles, and ankle. The support offered by insoles helps the flexible foot arches to remain comfortable and to elongate under excessive stress. Tenderfoot sole, arches, inflammation, and overpronation are common after-effects when your arches get sufficient support.

About Inserts for Running Shoe

When you buy running shoe, there is a sock liner inside the shoe which comes in immediate contact with your foot. However, this sock liner does not offer optimum support to your foot arches, heels, or toes.

This is when you should think of investing for a running shoe insole which is also called orthotics. The advantage of these inserts is nothing but added support. Running puts a lot of pressure and stress on your foot, especially the pressure points like heels and arches. Inserts are added and extended cushioning for your feet.

You might not essentially always need inserts. However, there can be nothing better than added comfort. Cushioning balances the pressure exerted while running, supporting the arches, and relieving the stress. This helps you to avoid muscle strains, injuries and painful foot, heels, etc.

Sometimes athletes are recommended to get inserts for running shoes by their physicians or coaches. Do not get confused if you are asked to use inserts like the many runners in a training group. Inserts help you to comfort your foot, and it is ideal in certain cases particularly.

When and Who Needs Running Insoles

The debate rushing around the use of inserts is not easy to solve. However, every person varies from one another, and each have their specific comfort zone and requirements. Even when you run along with others, they might not feel the need for an added foot support like inserts, you may need one and it is recommended not to ignore.

Basically, there are some cases people tend to need inserts for running shoes more than others, like when they have:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Overpronation
  • Flat feet
  • Pre-existing critical foot pain
  • Injured foot tendons or muscles

So, if you have foot pain, ankle tenderness, inflammation, or any pre-existing pain or aching in your foot, you must consult a physician, athlete trainer, orthopedic expert to get the best help required. Even if you decide to get inserts for running shoes, you need to know that there are different types of inserts available according to your foot type, problem, and support requirements. Don’t forget to get a thorough analysis before getting one.

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