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Published on July 30th, 2020 | by Ali Dino


Should you Buy Expensive Smartwatches for Kids?

Digital technology over the past few years has evolved significantly. Devices like mobile phones, tablets, and all sorts of new gadgets have really helped us in our everyday lives. From getting updates about the weather to transferring money online, these gadgets have it all. However, are these gadgets appropriate for all audiences including kids too? Well, that’s a debatable question. When we talk about smartwatches, in particular, these fancy watches do serve a great purpose. One can monitor their own heartbeat or can be notified when someone is trying to contact them. For children, especially, these watches, when used sensibly and under the supervision of an adult or a parent, can also be quite useful.

Pros and Cons of Smartwatches

In this day and age, there are various kinds of smartwatches depending on their brand and make. Nowadays, people are mostly seen wearing ‘Apple’ and ‘Samsung’ smartwatches. However, regardless of their make, the question remains; are they suitable for children are not?

Critically speaking, one would argue that such a watch wouldn’t really serve any purpose in the hands of a child as they simply do not require such an advanced device at that age. On the other hand, it could prove to be useful in case of an emergency; for instance, if god forbid a child wanders off or is lost, and is wearing a watch that is GPS enabled, he would be quite easy to track down. Besides being a pedometer, most smartwatches can follow action, nourishment, and calories consumed. Some can likewise screen pulse and circulatory strain. You can tune in to music and certain applications such as Facebook and WhatsApp as well by using these watches.

Furthermore, a few different characteristics can make your life less troublesome. Likewise, assume you’re outside and are going to get a significant call or two, you won’t have the option to hear your telephone because of the disparities in the midst of a group. The vibrations of a smartwatch are easily distinguishable. Moreover, even with a crowded environment, these vibrations can easily indicate whether you’re getting a call or a text.

Are they Worth Showing Off for Children?

Smartwatches can be incredibly helpful, both for adults and children alike. For children under twelve, these Smartwatches can help them be more organized. To seek the Best Smartwatches for 10 years old kids, simply go online and look for reliable brands. These watches may be helpful to a much larger extent and may form a basis of growth for children. A good smartwatch costs somewhere around $250-$400, and this is just to give you a general idea. There are certain smartwatches out there that significantly exceed the amount given above. So, if you have that kind of money to spend, you could buy it easily.

Best Gift for Your Children

Young kids learn from observation. That’s why the more we provide, the more they will adapt. It is very important for them to get their hand on technology at a young age. Being a parent you should take care of it and provide them the necessary equipment to learn from.

This makes expensive smartwatches the best gifts for the 10years old kids. As they quickly get exposure to technology, there are more chances of learning. At a very young age, they would start to learn using smart devices, which can push their interest in technology.

Other Amazing Benefits for Kids and Parents

Best Substitute of Smartphone:

Smartwatch is the best substitute for a smartphone. Getting your child a smartphone at young can enhance the risk factor. As there are no restrictions and parental control on the smartphone. That’s why smartwatch can be the best learning tool for him to get handy with the technology. With that, you also have peace of mind. You can get all data related to their fitness, including their pulse rate, distance, and calories, and sleep.

Parental Supervision Apps:

With parental supervision apps, you can help your kids develop good habits. You can set reminders of teeth brushing time, homework time, and sleeping time. This will make your kids punctual, which will help them be successful in real life.

Built-in Camera:

Smartwatches have a built-in camera and music player. You kids can take pictures and videos and catch some of the most beautiful moments of their lives. They can listen to songs, speeches which can help them in learning better.


Another essential feature of the smartwatch is the games. According to the research, kids learn quickly from games. With smartwatches, they can entertain themselves when they are getting bored instead of crying for your attention.

All in all-

In the end, we can say that buying an expensive smartwatch for your kids would be the right decision as all benefits are quite considerable.

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