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How to Get Access to Foreign Games on your Wii

You may have noticed from your favourite gamers on social media, that they’re playing games you can’t. You may have noticed that when trying to buy these games from either the Wii shop channel (which is now closed), or online, you’re told that you’ve been denied. Or, you simply cannot find them. Nowhere to be seen.

Why? This is because of geoblocking. This may be the game itself, not allowing users to play in certain countries because of certain rights, or it may be a problem upon purchasing. Sometimes, it’s even an odd manifestation of censorship.

The best example of geoblocking might be when you’re trying to buy a game from the United States, and the store requires you to pay with a US credit card. If you only have a European credit card, for example, you’ll likely be denied. This could be for various reasons, but the issue remains…

So, let’s take a look at how you can gain access to worldwide games, with no arbitrary restrictions and nothing stopping you from having your honest fun.

How to bypass geoblocking when buying Wii games

So, this is where Smart DNS comes in. Smart DNS is a legal service – for which there are many providers – that allows you to trick websites or stores that you’re located in a different country. Here’s an Unlocator subscription review to paint a picture of what kind of service this is, and what you might expect in return for your money (bare in mind that they’re priced cheaper than VPNs).

The way they do this is centered around using an IP address from a certain country through using their Smart DNS servers. These act differently to VPNs, but the idea is similar. In fact, they’re a little more in tune to the art of tricking specific streaming sites, stores and websites that they’re accessing the page from a different location.

To do this, you require no specific software. This means that any console that allows you to configure your own DNS servers within the WiFi settings will work – as will any PC or mobile phone.

You simply put in the DNS numbers that are provided by the smart DNS provider of your choice (some are better than others), and that’s it.

This way, you have global access to any games. No more censorship or geoblocking. VPNs are also known for circumnavigating around geoblocked content, but there’s a huge difference — VPNs require software. This isn’t a problem for your PC, and may or may not be a problem for your phone… But it certainly is a problem for your console, or even firestick.

Smart DNS is an ultra clean method that requires no additional resources. It’s also made for this purpose, so it’s somewhat more proficient in its execution of unblocking. If you’re running this on a console that has Netflix, Youtube, or so on, the Smart DNS should also work for gaining access to other content that would otherwise be restricted. For example, the UK and the US Netflix libraries are entirely different.

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