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5 Proven Reasons That Local SEO Will Help Your Business Grow Faster

It does not matter if your local business has been there for 50 years or 5 months. It does not matter if it is services or product related. Even if your local business is doing ok it can still benefit from the use of local SEO and really who doesn’t want more business?


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Here are the top 5 reasons you need to use local SEO to help grow your business faster

Here are the top 5 reasons you should be using local SEO in order grow your business faster.

  1. Local businesses such as your, will be prioritized.  The local business will have priority over business further away or online businesses. This means that when someone in your area (even travelers) search for your type of business or product your business will show up in the search with the information you put in as far as a business name, address, and phone number. You need to be sure to use a physical address for this and not a PO Box.
  2. Use of smartphones and wearables. Let’s face when is the last time you saw someone without a smartphone? Wearables are becoming just a prominent and growing as is speech searches so make sure that your local business can be found that way as well.
  3. Social media in search engine result from pages. Many of the social media visuals will show up in search engines if the graphics or videos have been optimized for search engines.
  4. Specialize and brand keywords are rising. The use of long tail keywords or brand keywords is growing. As mentioned earlier make sure that your keywords can be used in a voice search as more and more people are using their voice recognition software for searches instead of typing in the search what they are looking for.
  5. Emphasis on content. With the new algorithms, the emphasis is on good content that holds value.

How to use local SEO

You need to set up google local page for your business, make sure that your business name, physical address, and phone number are present. You can also add in hours of operation. One other thing you need to add is a GEO sitemap. This will allow a map to pop up with your business information.

Choose your proper business category. If you fit in more than one, choose the one that best fit the majority of your merchandise or services.  An example here let’s say you own a bakery but also do catering; choose the category that fits the largest percentage of your business so if it’s the bakery part choose that.

Collect business citations this is the mention of your business name and address on other web pages this includes; yellow pages, yelp, and other directories. Just make sure that your business name address and phone number is the same across all the directories.

Online reviews, you must monitor these as even one or two bad ones can kill your business. Join in on the reviews add comments and ask bad reviews for more information about their visit what can be fixed so that it does not happen again.

Use quality pictures of your business. Pictures that have been optimized for search engines. Depending on the type of business you may wish to add pictures of your merchandise as well or the dining area of your restaurant on a busy night.

Optimize, optimize, optimize, I can’t say enough. Here is the thing you have to optimize content, you have to optimize photos and graphics, and you must optimize for mobile devices. The reason everyone is saying optimize for mobile devices is that more mobile devices are activated around the world every day than the number of babies being born.

Once you have made your google+ local page, and done the steps we just discuss then it is time to promote it.

Promoting your local SEO for your business

There are hundreds of ways to promote your local SEO in order to draw customers to your local business. Some are very simple and easy like pinning your local SEO to your Pinterest board. Some may take a little longer but are well worth it.

Have a blog linked to your Google+ business web page. Use the content of your blog that has been SEO optimized to post to social media networks such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and others. Again, make sure that the business name, address, and phone are the same on all the links.  Add share buttons for Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and others so that the content of your blog is easily shareable.

Get listed in directories like Angie’s List, Home Advisor or as well.

Do not forget to promote offline as well with things like adding the URL of your blog to your business card, promote it at industry events, have contests and giveaways at your local shop that can be talked about on social media to bring customers into your business. Ask local print (newspaper) to pick up one of your blog articles for print in their newspaper. Be a sponsor of the girls’ softball team or the boys’ basketball team.

As you can see there are plenty of ways to promote; so be sure you use analytics to monitor what needs to be tweaked, what works, and what does not.


Using local SEO can help your business grow faster by bringing more customers into your brick and mortar store.

By using Google+, local SEO your listing will be a priority in search engines when people are searching in your area for a specific type of business.  If your information was put in correctly by you, it can even give them directions to your store.

By becoming involved with the community as a sponsor of one of the school sports teams is also a great way to promote your local business, which can then be added to your Google+ Local SEO pages and engage the people in your community to come into your business.


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