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Published on February 27th, 2021 | by Sumit Bhowal


Top 15 Pet GPS Tracking Device With A Simple Mobile Application

You are the proud owner of the skilled dog or an adventurous cat, who likes to roam, but you need to make sure that your pet gets the best care that it deserves. In the recent time, pet tracking devices have gained huge popularity in the market, giving pet owners like me and you the complete peace of mind. Now, there is no need to bother that where your pet is.

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Across the world, various pet owners have started using pet tracking devices that can relate to the apps in the smartphone to keep their pets safe and secure from any kind of incident. Using pet tracking devices is a lot easier as there are lots of different types of tracking devices for pets that come with a comprehensive range of features, making it easy to track your pet.

Moreover, a lot of mobile apps developments companies are there that are crafting apps to track your pet, so here we have mentioned some of the best pet tracking devices that are highly effective in terms of features, functionalities, and performance.

Let’s Have a Look at the Top 15 Pet Tracking Devices


Whistle GPS Pet Tracker is one of the best pet tracking devices that combines the best on-collar GPS tracking device with a simple mobile application. The device puts your pet’s needs and location right at your fingertips whenever you need it. However, it is also the first tracking device for a pet that comes with app system to combine location-tracking and activities monitoring into one experience.

The Paw Tracker

When it comes to talking about The Paw Tracker, it makes uses of GPS satellites so it can easily know the location then Cellular Service to send those coordinates back to our services. The device instantly put your pet’s location right at your fingertips.


PitPatPet is a UK-based that claims an entire year of battery life for keeping tabs on your dog’s movement 24*7. The device will also ensure that your dog is getting required exercise and check you are getting your money’s worth from that expensive dog walker.

It will also warn you instantly of any changes in your dog’s active behavior that can be an indicator that they are feeling under the weather. Moreover, it is completely waterproof and compatible with Android and iOS phones.

Tractive GPS Tracker

A feature-rich pet tracking device ‘Tractive GPS Tracker’ is a real-time GPS tracker for pets and other animals, allowing users to know where your pet is. You just need to check your application in iOS and Android to get your pets GPS coordinates.

Stuffed with enormous features, the device allows you to use your smartphone or tablet both to soothe your mind when you are not around with your pet.

TabCat by Loc8tor

TabCat is the best device that designed to clip to kitty’s collar so that you can get help in finding them if they get lost. Built by GPS beacons veterans Loc8tor, this high-end device comes with an RF receiver that displays a nearby signal on a strip of LEDs and causes the sensor to beep, guiding you to your cat.

Offering enormous benefits, TabCat is small enough for a cat to wear comfortably that is the reason that there are more GPS trackers for dogs than for cats. Now, you can easily find and protect your cat with this device. Used by more than ten thousand cat owners, the device is perfect to look after your cat.

Gibi Pet Location Service Unit

Now, finding your pet becomes a much easier with Gibi Pet Location Service Unit as you just to click on one button on your smartphone. A waterproof lightweight locator for tracking and searching for your pets in real time, the device make use of the web-based application for your smartphone to locate your pet on Google maps.

Moreover, you can also set custom safe zones for your pet that is a great feature; however, you can choose only one safe zone at one time. Advanced features like real-time tracking, custom zones and more making this device unique from rest.

Yepzon One Personal GPS Locator

Yepzon is specially designed to be a pet GPS locator; however, it can still address a lot of pet owners’ requirements in aiding them to track their lost pet. The device uses GPS satellites, Bluetooth and SM network for accurate location.

Being a quite big device, it would perfect choice for big dogs, but not a perfect choice for small dogs and cats. In addition to this, it is the water-resistant and an inexpensive way to get some help in locating your dog and cater.

Kyon Pet Tracker

Comes with different colors, Kyon’s smart pet Tracker device works like Fitbit for your pet. This waterproof device is the right choice for your pet as it does more than tracking your pet with the built-in GPS and 3G radios.

The device’s water sensor senses if your little small pet is in danger of sinking whereas the heat sensor sends instant alerts to your phone in case if you have forgotten your pet in a hot car. No matter whether you have a dog, cat or any other pet, Kyon Pet Tracker is an amazing device.


Nuzzle is the smart pet tracking device that will keep pet owners updated with what their pet is doing throughout the day using Bluetooth, GPS, and an activity tracker. A perfect choice for both cats and dogs, Nuzzle comes fitted with a collar; however, it can also straddling on your own collar or harness using the supplied attachment. It also allows you to set-up a geofence to get notifications if your pet becomes a wanderer.


PetPace is the only pet wearables that is well-known for working both cats and dogs of any size from 8lbs upwards to be precise. In addition to this, it is a complete health monitor that tracks temperature, pulse, respiration, calories, activity and posture and notifying you of any abnormalities.

To keep your animal chums in good health, the data can also be accessed by your vet. To traditional pet collars instead of the rigid seen on most smart collars, this woven fabric color bears more of a resemblance.


Voyce is a highly preferable pet tracking device that is obtainable in different sizes up to the 32-inch neck and it is designed to keep your connected with your dog. It will also monitor heart and respiratory rate and rest patterns and calories burnt.

Moreover, the device will become familiar with your dog’s stats and it will start offering tips to specific needs. You can also set goals with extra activity to burn off those extra pooch pounds.

Kippy The Pet Finder

Kippy The Pet Finder can easily track your pet in every moment by connecting to the telephone line with the SIM card already INSTALLED in the device, and send its position directly to your smartphone, tablet or PC so that you can reach it.

The device’s dedicated application keeps your pet under control and always know where it is. All thanks to the Geofence feature as it will instantly warn you if your loyal pet leaves its safe zone. Moreover, this impressive device features the Activity Tracker, enabling you to monitor in real time of your pet’s movement parameters and give you all the information required for its well-being.


Owed as the dog collar reimagined, Buddy sports a distinctive design with multi-colored LEDs, which are designed to keep your pooch visible and secure from crashes. Allowing you to select from a comprehensive range of lighting patterns, this smart device features real-time GPS tracking, monitor and temperature sensor with information displayed on a tiny OLED screen.

Purchasing this advanced device is a completely best for your pet as it comes in three different sizes and works with a smartphone application and Apple watch app. So, set up the virtual boundaries and set reminders for essential events like vet appointments.


WUF is the best wearable that packs GPS tracking along with activity monitoring. It comes with two-way audio for keeping in contact with your pooch if in case he is out whereas a virtual leash will keep him from straying too far.

Externally, it appears soft and flexible, making sure it fits comfortable across any neck while the inside where the electronics sit in encased in an ultra-stiff, durable elastomer and waterproof.

PawTrax Halo Cat Tracker

A UK-based company ‘PawTrax’ makes it easy for you to track animals. It is the latest GPS-based cat tracker and when the company resolves its small bugs and finally begins shipping them. The device looks like an ordinary collar and it is lightweight at just 20g. Moreover, it is also water resistant.

So, these are the top 15 pet GPS tracking device with a simple mobile application, allowing you to track your pets 24*7. However, if you are looking for one such mobile pet tracking application that tracks your pet, you should hire an experienced mobile app development company that can develop all types of mobile apps.

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