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TheWiSpy [Review]: Best Way to Track Android Phones Remotely

Everyone has an Android smartphone, whether it is a kid, a teenager, or an adult. The use of modern technology and the internet has explicitly increased. People are now closer than ever through social media apps. But this closeness has brought more threats than benefits. Young children are facing online bashing and ending up with bad mental health. 

On the other hand, adults are getting addicted to phones and forgetting to live a real life. Apart from that, phone stealth is very common these days. In a recent study, it has been proved that only 20% of the stolen phones have been recovered in the last two years. And 80% is still missing, so there must be a solution to decrease such crimes. 

Have you ever thought of spying on a phone because you’re tired of your child’s behavior and the secrecy of their life? Or do you want to make sure that your employees are working fine even when you’re away? If you have sensitive data on your phone or just an expensive device, you wouldn’t want it to get stolen. You can use a mobile tracker to track android phones remotely. 

How to Track a Mobile Phone Remotely?

If you have a purpose of tracking an android phone, whether it’s your kid, employee, or even your partner, then the next step is to find out how to do it. Maybe some decades back, you would have required expert technical knowledge to spy on any phone but not anymore. 

The technology has advanced since, and now you can track remotely with the help of a spy app and an internet connection. There are free spy apps and in-purchase spy apps available for you. Figure out your needs and choose what fits your needs. 

Primary Reasons Why You Need to Track a Phone Remotely:

There are multiple causes that can drive a person to spy on someone’s phone. The modern world has gotten digital completely. And that has created many problems for people around the world. 

  • Kids’ Security:

Kids are exposed to internet dangers that threaten parents. Strangers on the internet connect with kids and promote cyberbullying, internet threats, and sexual predation. As children are secretive about their life, you can’t help but use an alternative to ensure their security. That is the main reason why folks are forced to track their phones. 

  • Employee Progress Monitoring:

If you have remote employees, then you must’ve felt the need to track their devices. Because most likely they don’t give their 100% at work and fail to concentrate as they work in homes. Using spy apps, you can monitor their daily progress. 

  • Detect Lost Phone:

As we discussed earlier, the crime of phone stealing has increased in recent years. However, with the help of the best mobile tracker app, you can track a cell phone location by number, i.e., IMEI number. It will update you with real-time locations and the history of where the phone has been. And in no time, you’ll have your mobile phone with advanced tracking technology.

  • Catch Deceiving Partner:

Top call recording apps for android have remote features that help you listen to calls and read messages. If you doubt your partner deceiving you, then you can install a tracking app on their phones. You can catch them red-handed without snooping around. 

Different Ways to Spy on Android Devices:

For all your tracking purpose, you can use these two following ways. 

  1. Use the “Find my Device” Application:

It is the best way to track an android phone if you have lost it somewhere. Android cell phones have a built-in application called “Find my device.” It can provide you updated phone location no matter in which region it is. There is one drawback if you use this approach: you can’t monitor your phone. It’ll only provide you the location. So, if you’re into total phone activity, then use the next option. 

  1. Use Spy App for Android Phone:

Spy app for android phones is the most reliable way to monitor an android phone remotely. There are many quality spy apps that you can purchase. You can spy on all online and offline mobile phone activity using the given features. 

Which is the Better Way to Monitor a Phone Remotely?

Undoubtedly the best way to track a phone remotely is by a spy app. It can provide many features that will help you with in-depth monitoring. Now that you know which way is better, you must be wondering which app should you get. 

In the presence of unlimited options, TheWiSpy is the best and most reliable choice. More than thousands of satisfied customers around the world are using this spy app. TheWiSpy is highly recommended if you want a distortion-free spy experience with remote spying. 

TheWiSpy- Best Spy App

TheWiSpy is a spy app that has unlimited advanced and remote spying features. You can track a phone call, read messages remotely, and track GPS location. It has a simple installation process and friendly interface. So if you don’t have a technical background, it won’t be an issue. You can rely on TheWiSpy app and spy on phones without any problem. 

How Does it Work?

The working of TheWiSpy is simple; there are two modules to the app. One is a mobile app that you’ll install on the target phone, and the second is a web interface where you’ll view tracked data. The features of TheWiSpy are listed on the TWS dashboard, where you can click on them. The app will start fetching the required information and, in no time, will upload it to the account. You can also change files in the target phone using remote features. 

TheWiSpy Remote Tracking Features:

With THEIWSPY appYou will get the following most amazing remote tracking features access to make spying next level. 

Call Monitoring:

It allows you to track calls remotely using advanced technology. For example, you will be able to view caller id, name, duration of the call, and timestamps. 

SMS Tracker App:

You can spy on messages your target will receive or send. In addition, you can view old message history, delete messages, or get backups using the SMS tracker app. 

 GPS Tracking:

The most important and commonly used feature, live mobile location tracker online that TheWiSpy provides. With the help of modern technology, With a GPS location tracker you’ll get the real-time location in seconds. You can also get a report of the location history where your child has been wandering around. 

Call Recording:

TheWiSpyapp to record phone calls android provides the advanced feature of call recording where you can record any call you want. The recorder audio is then uploaded to the TWS dashboard, where you can hear it.


You can put geographical restrictions on your target’s phone using TheWiSpy feature geofencing. For example, if you don’t know your employee to step out of the office during office timing, you can use this feature. It will alert you anytime they’ll try to sneak out from the office to do personal chores. It is more useful when you have remote working employees. 

Whatsapp Spy:

You can spy on the WhatsApp messages using the WhatsApp tracker. you can read and listen to audio messages and spy on as many chats as you want. 

Web Browser History Control:

You can now spy on the web browser history of your child using TheWiSpy remote controls. You can view what your kid is approaching on the internet and block inappropriate websites. 


As we reached the end of the article, you must have the answer to your question, “Which ways are the bests to track an android phone remotely.” TheWiSpy is hands down the best spyware you can find in the market to monitor and get the latest updates remotely. You can catch deceiving employees, ensure your kid’s safety, and track your lost phone in minutes using TheWiSpy’s high-quality features.

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