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Published on December 31st, 2018 | by Sunit Nandi


Top Web Development Trends of 2018 You Should Know

Technologies used in web development is changing every year. Changes are unavoidable and developers better keep up with the changing trends. The changes depend on the expectations of the users and also the development trends. Though it is very difficult to predict, it is very important that developers keep the trends in mind when developing a website.

1. Vue JS – The Silent Achiever

Vue was launched back in 2014 and has since been silently growing without any major backing. This unique position has lead to its growth instead of creating a stagnation. Unlike other technologies, it provided its documentation in Chinese which lead to its customers like Nintendo, Alibaba, Expedia and the like.

2. Functional Programming with Javascript

Functional Programming has been on the rise in the last few years but its need rose substantially in 2018 ensuring its place in this list. It is the process of building your website by creating functions. This way of programming is more robust and easier than OOP. This is obvious in JS where the programmers create a program in small functions.

3. Go futuristic with Virtual Reality

Virtual reality offers a deeply engaging experience in the virtual world. It enhances the user experience and is predicted a growth up to $215 billion by 2021. Both VR and AR is not restricted to just mobile applications.

4. Browser Extensions are the way to go

Browser extensions are much in need these days. The best example is the Google Chrome extensions which are widely preferred when compared to desktop applications. But there is also the concern about privacy. Extensions can also read your activity on the browser activity.

5. Static websites are here to stay

Compared to static websites, dynamic websites like the ones for UK online slots are much preferred by developers. But the advantage that the static websites have over their rival is the faster loading time and that is exactly what customers prefer. But again the websites should be interesting and attractive to the end customers.

6. Go mobile friendly with AMP

Since 2015, Google search engine started giving priority to mobile-friendly websites. Google with the support of Twitter, Bing and Pinterest has sponsored an open source project. AMP is used to augment the performance of the websites and increase its speed and efficiency.

7. Lightning fast with SPA

Single page websites are highly popular due to the fact that they are fast and efficient. Facebook and Gmail are examples of SPA. They operate with the help of Javascript by using it to load all the content. They eliminate the loading time and render the web pages directly in the browser.

8. Blockchain Technology is the safest possible way

Bitcoin though erratic in nature is gaining ground very fast in 2018. The technology behind it is Blockchain which offers one of the safest modes of transaction. It removes the usage of brokers and stores its data in multiple locations globally. It aids the financial sectors and banks to safeguard user data. The financial sector is rumoured to assimilate the technology in their system.

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