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The Best Devices for Streaming Movies and Shows

As more and more media becomes available via streaming services, the top streaming devices provide some of the most important components of a complete home entertainment setup. However, picking the right device to use for streaming might be complicated.

When deciding on a streaming device, the platform, pricing, and hardware you already have at home are the most crucial factors to consider. Here are some suggestions for the best streaming sticks and other low-cost solutions.

1. The Best Streaming Device of All: Google TV Chromecast

In its early stages, Google’s Chromecast didn’t come with a remote control. Its sole function was to allow users to watch content on their TVs after initially accessing it on their mobile devices. However, the new Chromecast that integrates Google TV is very different.

There is a redesigned user interface with support for Google Assistant and a dedicated remote control. Although we recommend the Roku more often than not, people who prefer a more adaptable interface and advanced voice commands might look into the Chromecast.

The new Chromecast’s crowning feature is Google TV, a reimagined version of Android TV that has a custom home screen based on your viewing habits. The best part of all: you can use it for streaming across multiple VoDs like Netflix, Hulu, and even Disney Plus outside USA.

2. The Best Set-Top Streaming Device: Roku Ultra

When compared to the Streaming Stick+, the Roku Ultra offers all of the same capabilities and more. With 4K HDR streaming, AirPlay 2, and voice controls all supported, as well as a broad variety of content, this media player is a great choice. In addition to HDR 10+, USB ports, a microSD card slot, and Ethernet capability, the Ultra also has Dolby Vision support.

The Roku Voice Remote Pro is included with the Ultra, just as it is with the Streaming Stick 4K+. The remote has a few buttons that can be programmed to perform certain tasks, such as “launching YouTube” or “playing classical music,” and the Ultra even has a remote finder in case you misplace it. The device is undoubtedly Roku’s most powerful gadget.

3. The Best Premium Streaming Device: Apple TV 4K

Though fantastic and lightning-fast, the new Apple TV 4K (2021) may not be worth the price of admission if you already own a previous-generation device. The second generation Apple TV 4K is cosmetically indistinguishable from the first. All of the changes are internal, with the A12 Bionic chip replacing the A10X.

The new Apple TV 4K appears to have somewhat improved performance, and it also supports 4K video at 60 frames per second along with high dynamic range. Currently, only a small handful of apps provide such high-quality material, largely limited to sports and other forms of fast-paced activity.

4. The Best Budget Streaming Device: Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite

Amazon’s Fire TV Stick Lite is a respectable substitute if you can’t afford a more expensive model and don’t want 4K. It’s one of the least expensive streaming sticks at $30 (and it’s usually reduced, too). It has full high-definition (FHD) streaming and high dynamic range (HDR), and it comes with an Alexa voice control like its more expensive siblings.

The fact that you still need the TV’s remote to do things like turn it on and off and adjust the volume is a big part of why this is called the “Lite” version of the Fire TV Stick. If you can save a few dollars by doing so, it’s not a huge problem. The regular Fire TV Stick can be purchased for $40, while the 4K version will set you back $50.

5. Best Streaming Device for External Media: Nvidia Shield

The Nvidia Shield TV 2019 isn’t only one of the greatest streaming devices available; it also has one of the most distinctive designs we’ve seen (it resembles a mobile power charger). This tube for YouTube quickly spits out UHD 4K material and has hundreds of applications, so you get pretty much everything you might want to view.

The tiny form factor makes it easy to conceal under or beneath your TV’s bulky stand. Instead of a traditional gaming controller, this Shield TV comes with a remote control. This remote is great since it lights up when you pick it up in the dark, eliminating the need to remember the form and location of each button.

Final Verdict

It’s not hard to determine which streaming device will best suit your needs. The Roku Streaming Stick 4K is a good starting point, but your experience may be different. If you’re on a tighter budget but still want to watch a wide variety of entertainment on your TV, the Google Chromecast with its Android app support and Google TV is a great option.

If you have a lot of digital material that you want to view on your TV, the Roku Ultra makes it very simple. But if you care most about performance and watch a lot of 4K UHD content, you should start with the Nvidia Shield TV. Similarly, the Fire TV Stick is a great option if you’re a fan of the Amazon ecosystem and are on the lookout for a budget-friendly streaming media player.

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