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What to consider before deciding a Domain Name

Deciding a domain name is one of the most crucial parts of building your online presence. If you make a mistake in deciding a domain name, it can cost you a lot of money. So, you should be smart and select a domain name after giving a lot of consideration to this important task. Here are a few things that may help you when you seek the answer to the question of what to consider before deciding a domain name.

  1. Length: No one really has the time to remember a complex and long domain name these days. It should always be short and easy to pronounce. Even if your company’s name is a big one such as Kishanlal & Sons, the domain name should be something simpler like KandS. It will make things easier for you and your customers. BigRock is the website that offers short and sweet domain names so you must try it out.
  2. Spelling: The domain name you choose must have simple spelling words only. Words like “indispensable” are a big no. You should also make sure that the words you are using are not easily confused with other words. For example, no one wants to ponder whether they need to type “” or “”. Once you have selected a simply spelled name, be sure to buy it for a long duration by using websites like Hostgator that offers domain names for three years at great costs. If you would like to book domain don’t forget to use coupon code provided by coupon aggregator website, retailmenot, coupondunia, couponzguru and more.
  3. SEO: You must always try to add in a keyword to the domain name you have chosen. Your SEO person would be eternally thankful. If you can’t fit in the keyword, you must adopt another vital strategy like buying premium domain names from websites like Znetlive as the premium domain name websites often rank higher in the search engines as they are older.
  4. Copyright: You must also always ensure that you search a domain name you are pondering to buy on a global domain provider like GoDaddy. It will help you to stay away from copyright infringement and all the legal complications it may entail if you chose a domain name that’s already a copyright. The chances of a person having in Sweden are quite common even if any person in India doesn’t have it.
  5. Everlasting: Last but not the least, you should always ensure that the domain name you select lasts for a long time. Don’t get attracted by the trendy domain names like “top10” that are in vogue these days. They may seem beneficial in the short run but they won’t do much when the “top10” trend goes out of the window. Hence, choosing an everlasting domain is vital for everyone who wants to keep their online presence intact for the years to come.

Once you have chosen a domain name, you should buy it as soon as possible because, like most things, domains can also be sold out and then you may have to buy a domain name that was not your first preference.

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