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Packing Machine – Types & Uses [Infographic]

Packaging is what can make or break even the best of the products. Right packaging is critical for marketing a product. If you can highlight the USP of your product via its packaging effectively, while still making sense to common man then you have a winning packaging design on your hand.

Take for example ‘Festina Profunda’ a watch company, that packaged its waterproof watches in water pouches, in order to emphasize its USP! That’s confidence in product plus unique idea implementation which can take a standard and boring packaging to the next level.

Parmesan shavings are a must for many dishes, how about if you could shave parmesan just like pencil! Won’t it be easy to measure as well? Asking your guest if they want ½ or 1 inch of parmesan toppings! The Deli Garage made this idea reality, by packaging their parmesan cheese as pencils!

Such unique packaging not only make headlines, but also help make a long lasting impact on users mind, and jump out to them thus boosting sales.

If you are looking to make your product stand out amongst the hoard of competitors, complex is not the only route, sometimes going simple like Brandless does with its packaging is the need of the hour.

But wait product packaging is not only about design and presentation! It’s also about doing the actual packaging! How will you pack your product, would you like to pack them in a bottle or bag? In paper or plastic? Individual packs or multipacks? Whatever be your packaging choices, everything requires a machine. Today there are numerous different packaging machines to choose from, each designed for specific packaging needs. Having knowledge about these machines will enable you to make an informed decision about your packaging choice, buying used packaging equipment and the resulting cost as well.

Refer our below infographic for a quick look at the different packaging machine option you can choose from and the resulting different packaging the machines offer.

Infographic by: Brillopak – Automatic & Manual Packing Machine manufacturing company in UK

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