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A Simple Guide to Taking Care of Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors don’t come cheap. Perhaps it’s because of their undeniable beauty. According to a report by Home Depot, the average homeowner spends $4396 on average on installing wood floors. They add some warmth and natural feeling in a home that many homeowners admire. People love hardwood floors because they can significantly add value to a property when it’s time to sell.

The cost of installing hardwood floors is between $250 and $7,000 but the exact price will depend on several factors. With the numerous options of hardwood floors to choose from, many people can instantly incorporate them in their home design.

After investing a handsome amount on this type of flooring material, it’s important to take the necessary measures to maintain it. You can opt for herringbone floors, but you need to maintain them as well. With proper care, hardwood floors can last for decades. They can keep looking as good as new if you clean the floor correctly and using the right products.

Getting rid of dust and other debris

First, you need to dust or vacuum the hardwood floor in order to get rid of any dust, dirt or pet hair and other debris. Allowing dirt to remain on the floor for too long can cause scratches and stains that are hard to get rid of.

When vacuuming, make sure the vacuum cleaner doesn’t have a beater bar attachment. This attachment is known to cause extensive damage on hardwood floors. Instead, use a vacuum cleaner with a floor-brush attachment. Vacuuming or dust mopping will need to be done at least once a week. You may need to do it more often if you have children or pets in your home.

Getting rid of grime and dirty build up

Over time, you’ll notice there are stubborn stains or grime and dirt that builds up on your hardwood floor. This kind of dirt cannot be removed by vacuuming. You will need to invest in a suitable liquid cleaner to get the job done. Choose a commercial wood-cleaning product. Make sure the product is designed specifically for hardwood floors.

Mopping hardwood floors

With the right cleaner, you can begin the process of cleaning your hardwood floor. First things first, choose a suitable mop that’s designed for cleaning hardwood floors. You want a mop that is made using microfiber. Micro fiber mops are extremely soft and effective in getting rid of dirt buildup. What’s even better is that these mops are machine washable so it’s easy to keep them clean.

Secondly, avoid harsh cleaners because they will not only ruin your beautiful hardwood floor but also put your kids and pets at risk. With the right cleaner and mop, you can then begin the process of pre-cleaning your hardwood floor. You can go through’s guide on hardfloor mop to find just the right match for your home.

How to mop the hardwood floor

Begin by moistening the mop; just make it damp and not sopping wet. When you use a mop that is sopping wet on your hardwood floors, you risk leaving too much water on the floor and that can lead to moisture damage. If you are using a hardwood floor cleaner, then expect the floor to dry quickly since they are designed with drying agents to prevent moisture damage.

Know the type of finish

Hardwood floors have different kinds of finishes and each of these has unique cleaning demands. For instance, if your hardwood floor has a varnish finish, do not attempt to revamp it using wax. Using a different finish to restore the floor will not only interfere with its look but can also ruin subsequent finishes. You can use a floor restorer but first test it on a small area to make sure it doesn’t peel off.

Protecting your hardwood floors

Hardwood floors will wear down overtime due to foot traffic. Consider placing some area rugs in high-traffic zones in your home. This will not only contribute to your home design but also work by protecting your beautiful hardwood floors.

Throw rugs can go a long way in reducing wear. Just make sure they don’t have a vinyl or rubber backing. Backing on throw rugs can ruin hardwood floors. This is because the backing traps moisture, removing the floor’s finish or even staining it.

You may also want to invest in furniture pads to protect your floor. Furniture pads can be placed strategically on all the legs of your furniture. Doing this will keep the wood floors looking as good as new. It will also make moving furniture around the house easy.

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