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Marketing Automation Strategies To Optimize Your Entire Funnel

Marketing is without a doubt one of the most important parts of running a business. Without marketing, getting new customers could prove to be difficult. There are many different marketing strategies and what works for one company may not work for another. While some might like paid Youtube advertising, others might primarily use email marketing and the tools associated with it like Parserr.

With the new year just beginning, there is no better time to take a closer look at your marketing strategies and revise them. In particular, with technology advancing quickly, now is the time to start automating your marketing efforts. Automating your marketing can have many benefits including improving creativity, reducing costs and accomplishing a lot more in your mission for a successful business.

So just how can marketing automation help your company and optimize your marketing as a whole? Well if that’s something you were wondering, you’ve come to the right place. This article is going to look at a few marketing automation strategies to optimize your entire marketing funnel, from first interaction to conversion. In addition, with the right DAM system you insure that your entire team is putting forth a consistent message no matter what marketing strategies you employ.


Have a Drip Campaign

A drip campaign is a great way to utilize automation in the world of marketing. For those unfamiliar, a drip campaign is a automated marketing strategy that that uses (and is based on) the online actions of your customer. This campaign will do things like send a welcome message to new customers, send them more product information on product pages they have visited and potentially even send coupons or discounts to entice older leads to finally convert.

Most drip campaigns have a few different tiers, and each is aimed at converting someone at a different level of the sales funnel. This is a great strategy as it offers a tailored response for different people, as opposed to sending everyone the exact same thing. It lets you nurture relationships in a more honest and human way and helps build trust among the customers.

Look to Maximize Lifetime Value of Customers

One of the most powerful ways to take advantage of marketing automation is to analyze and use the data they provide. These tools provide a boatload of data including purchase patterns, past purchases and old interactions they’ve had with the company. Data is arguably the most important things for businesses today, as making decisions based off of facts or numbers normally generates better results.

This data will allow you to increase the lifetime value of your customers in a couple of ways. Cross-selling and up-selling will be possible due to the influx of information you have. If you can upsell a customer or sell them additional products or services, their lifetime value will increase. The data these tools provide will also make it easier to customize offers to customers, which can increase lifetime value as well.

Ensure All Departments are on the Same Page


The communication gap that exists at many companies is the big reason why so many teams within a company are inefficient. Different areas of business likely have and focus on different types of customer data. For example, those in marketing would be in possession of different information than those in operations. However, the data that one team has could be valuable to another, but knowing this and getting the data to the right place can be a confusing and long process.

Thankfully, with the automated marketing software that exists today can rectify this common issue. This software can ensure every department has all of the information about each customer. So instead of reaching out and asking other departments for information, teams will be able to immediately interact with the customers. If you aren’t already using these marketing automation tools and software, you should be.

Try Reaching out to Old Leads

While a lot of the focus of marketing automation is on generating new customers, old leads shouldn’t be ignored. Acquiring a completely new customer is a lot more expensive and difficult than retaining an existing one. So if someone has shown interest in your company or product but hasn’t made a purchase, don’t be scared to reach back out.

There are a few different ways to do this. One is to promote new content to them directly to update them on what you’re doing. You could also send some coupons or personalized offers their way in order to entice them. Also, using the power of social media to reach out to old leads can be incredibly valuable. Social media is great as it allows you to contact them directly in a natural way, that doesn’t seem forced or desperate.

In conclusion, hopefully this article has been able to help you come up with some great marketing automation strategies to help your business thrive.

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