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Published on April 19th, 2019 | by Sunit Nandi


The 10 Best Universities for Robotics in the USA

According to, the average salary for robotic engineers in the U.S. currently stands at $100,501 per year.

Money is not the only motivation for studying robotics. But let’s be honest: it’s always good to know that you’ll settle well after graduating. With a degree in robotics, you’ll have plenty of opportunities for career growth.

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But you’re still at the beginning. How can you become a robotics engineer? What are the best universities for robotics?

We’ll list the top 10 universities that offer great robotics programs in the USA.

1. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

When looking for the perfect robotics university, it’s important to consider the team of professors. The Robotics Group at MIT has brilliant faculty.

Let’s take a look at one of the professors: Daniela Rus. She will introduce you to programming and robot design. She is a leading researcher in the field, focused on integrating robots in daily life.

MIT is a great university, with all resources you need. With its state-of-the-art laboratories and star professors, you’ll fall in love with robotics for life.

2. Stanford University

Your choice of a university also depends on the type of robotics you’re interested in. Stanford University leads the research and innovations in swarm robotics. With this approach, several robots coordinate their functions into a system.

You can check few videos on the YouTube channel Stanford SHAPE Lab. You’ll see the designs that students themselves created.

3. Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University has its very own Robotics Institute. It is one of the top research institutions specializing in personal robotics, legged locomotion, and nanorobotics. The research team focuses on all areas where robotics can be applied: infrastructure, agriculture, security, disaster cleanup, and more.

This is a program that requires a lot of practical work. If you’re not great at developing projects and presentations, maybe you’ll need to rely on an Australian assignment help at Edubirdie at the beginning. But with the right dose of determination, you’ll fit into the challenging environment.

4. Georgia Tech

Are you looking for an institution precisely focused on robotics and intelligent machines? You want to live in a relatively small campus where you’ll only see people with similar interests? Then you’re the perfect fit for the Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Machines at Georgia Tech.

You can attend an ARMS traineeship program in healthcare robotics if you want to focus on that area. There’s also an outstanding PhD program to consider.

5. University of Pennsylvania

Penn’s School of Engineering and Applied Science offers a Master’s degree program in the field of robotics. It’s a joint program that directly involves the departments of mechanical engineering, electrical and systems engineering, and computer science.

With this interdisciplinary approach, you’ll gain enough knowledge to apply in various sectors. You want to work on industrial automation? You can do that with this degree. You’re interested in the automotive or aircraft industry? This is the right MA program for you.

6. Brown University

In addition to offering top-level education and experience in robotics, Brown will also make you part of the Humanity Centered Robotics Initiative. It’s a program dedicated to delivering technology that the entire society benefits from.

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The robotics development team from this university made huge contributions in medical robotics. They are focused on developing childcare and hospital robots, which will revolutionize the healthcare industry.

7. California Institute of Technology

This institute offers a great selection of undergraduate programs related to the robotics field. So, you can focus on this industry early on in your education. As for graduate students, the Control + Dynamical Systems PhD program is a great choice. It serves just like a degree in robotics engineering, but it’s more specific. The courses focus on mathematical and experimental techniques in the control and theory of dynamical systems.

The California Institute of Technology is a great example of the way robots impact modern education. The research labs are highly equipped. You’ll gain theoretical knowledge, but the courses are mostly focused on practical implementation of theories.

8. UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley is famous for its Robotics and Intelligent Machines Lab. What makes it special? It has a whole department that replicates animal movements, with the purpose of developing better mobility in robots.

The CITRIS People and Robots Initiative is another thing to pay attention to. It’s one of the most advanced research programs devoted to developing new theories and software that help implement robots into people’s daily lives.

9. The University of Texas at Austin

U. T. Austin is home of the Nuclear and Applied Robotics Group. It’s formed by researchers from different disciplines. They focus on innovations in various disciplines, including medicine, battlefield, space, and radiation.

That says enough for the faculty, doesn’t it? You’ll learn from innovative, highly focused experts in robotics. If you complete the Graduate Portfolio Program in Robotics, you’ll gain a certification of expertise. That’s a good foundation for a successful career in the field.

10. Columbia University

The website is not impressive but take your time to explore the projects. You’ll see that the students at Columbia University are part of impressive achievements. Object-space teleoperation, eye-hand control, tracking and grasping moving objects – those are only few of the many projects that came out of this group.

There are five research groups that offer undergraduate, graduate, PhD, and post-doctoral programs: Living Architecture, Creative Machines, Robotics & Rehabilitation, Robotics Manipulation & Mobility, and Peter Allen’s Robotics.

What’s Your Choice?

The list of U.S. universities offering programs in robotics is pretty extensive. You have plenty of options. This will be a major decision for you. So, take your time to do research. If you can, visit few universities to get direct impressions from their research centers.

All you need to do is identify your goals and find the program that helps you achieve them.

Good luck!

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