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How to remove spy software from your phone

It is important to know how your device works at all times. The reason for this is that people can steal crucial information from you without your knowledge.

According to most experts, they believe that spyware developers main intention were to help people who want to keep a close eye on may be a cheating partner, or when an organization wants to learn what employees do when they sit on their computers.

Every good becomes terrible when it lands into the wrong hands. In essence, nowadays people do it without the permission of the owner, which is quite an annoying habit.

How does it get into your phone?

Before you understand how you should remove this from your phone, there are specific prerequisites you need to comprehend.

Primarily, the spy needs to download the app into your phone. Therefore, in one way or another, he or she must access your phone. Then, the spy will access your phone remotely through an online control panel.

There are many spy apps in the market, though.

How do you detect the presence of such in your phone?

The tricky bit about these apps is that they operate on the background. It is difficult to track them; nonetheless, even if it would take days to detect one, here are some signs you should look out for on your phone:

  • It hangs constantly
  • It drains quickly
  • It operates slower than before
  • You should also notice a hike in internet bundles

How do you remove the spyware?

The good thing about this issue is that it is solvable. If you are wondering how to remove spy apps, then some ways could be useful to you.

1. Do it manually

It can be the most challenging method, but it could work in the end. You could use a spyware detector, which is also a downloadable app.

Once installed, it detects the location of the app.

2. Factory reset

A factory reset typically sets your phone to its original setting. It becomes new, which means

that you will lose everything that was not there when the phone was new.

Experts say that this would be the most effective way to deal with the spyware. None of its files remains on your phone’s storage.

If you would love to save some of your precious images and videos, it is best that you back them up into any secure cloud storage.

3. Change your passwords

The spy should also have access to some of your passwords. Please change all your passwords. Additionally, avoid using the same password on various accounts. That makes it

easy (if you use similar passwords) for the spies to access your social profiles.

4. Update your phone’s operating system

If the phone you are using has a new updated version of the OS, then update it. The new OS may render that app incompatible with it.


For the case of iPhones, detecting such an app would require that you install a jailbreak app to allow you to install the app if it is not compatible with iOS.

Amongst all the methods highlighted above, Erasing all the data in your phone through factory reset would be the best option available.

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