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All you need to know about e-cigarettes

It is proven that “e-cigarette” is an ideal method of quitting smoking. One of the most common questions is “what is an e-cig and what an e-cigarette contains?

Well, e-cigarettes are a better option than the usual tobacco cigarettes. If you don’t know what an e-cigarette is here you have a chance to find out what an e-cig contains and all parts of the E cigarette.

Parts of E-cig

It is important to know what is an “e-liquid” used in the e-cig. A form of e-liquid e-juice is available in the electronic cigarette. The truth is that an e-cig liquid contains no harmful chemicals. It contains naturally extracted nicotine and flavoring substances.

Essentially, the e-liquid includes four components:

  • Water
  • Nicotine
  • Flavored E-cig Juice
  • Propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin Base

Among these ingredients, the taste of e-juice is of a significant part. You can choose E-cig juice available in a number of flavors that are quite similar to a regular tobacco cigarette, or e-juice with other flavors.

All contents of an e-juice are exclusively from natural ingredients. So if you still hesitate to give a chance to the e-cig,

You can also make your own blends and make custom flavors of e-liquid. Choose your favorite e-cig liquid among hundreds of different flavors and blends, such as apple, watermelon, strawberry, cinnamon, cheesecake, cherry or wild berries or you can also press flavor or French vanilla, or tropical drink, and so on. A pile of different options is available among e-liquids in the e-cigarette.

It is much better to inhale the steam from an e-cig instead of inhaling harmful tobacco smoke from a traditional cigarette. Choosing an electronic cigarette and e-cig liquid will help you walk in from any kind of cons that comes with a regular cigarette. When it comes to choosing the best vaporizer manufacturer, Ccell is the best option out there. Basically, an E-cig is worth a chance for you to stop smoking, and say “goodbye” to the tobacco. So start using electric cigarettes with natural e-juice!

E-cigarette, harmful or not?

The e-cigarette does not burn tobacco but evaporates a liquid containing nicotine in most cases. In addition, you can then choose between different amounts of between 0 and about 24 milligrams per bottle. The main component is usually propylene glycol, which takes care of the steam effect. This is the same substance that is also used in machines like the “mist” caused by discotheques. Often there is also a flavor to liquid, such as, for example, menthol or vanilla is added. You can fill the cigarette yourself, so you have many opportunities to try.

Is E-Cigarette Dangerous For Passive Smokers?

Since it is not yet clear how harmful electronic vapor is to the consumer, the risk of second-hand smoking is even more difficult to assess. Here depends on the amount of substances in the steam that are emitted and distributed. It is true that only steam is released when you press the button on the e-cigarette. Only what the dampers breathe out in the environment. And in many cases, which seems to contain less harmful substances than the normal cigarette smoke. From research, it was found that the organic compounds, originating from e-cigarettes and blown out into the area, are smaller than those of cigarette smoke. However, the amount of propylene glycol contained in an e-cigarette is higher. Another difference is the small particles in the smoke. When e-cigarette dissolves these particles end up in the air. The usual cigarette smoke, on the other hand, contains solids, which is also to stay in the airlock itself or in the surrounding area. E-cigarettes can still be used only in the Netherlands.

Does e-cigarette stop smoking?

There are researchers who claim that e-cigarette can be used very well to quit smoking. Researchers from Berkeley and Boston praise e-cigarettes as a promising way to get rid of smoking. Unlike nicotine gum, e-cigarette not only gives nicotine, which causes the body, but also the behavior that goes with it makes it mentally calmer. Studies say that e-cigarette and nicotine patches both go on, but both have moderate success. Several researchers see a risk of developing an addiction to the e-cigarette. It is also possible that smokers use e-cigarettes as a regular cigarette.

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