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Four Pieces of Technology That Will Make Your Home Greener And Healthier

Although our homes should be a haven of comfort, health and relaxation, all too often they are full of things which can make us sick and unwell. From pet hair which can cause allergic reactions and breathing problems to smoke and dust in the air which can make our eyes water and noses drip, there are lots of hidden hazards in our properties which can make us unwell and which can affect the environment as a whole.

Luckily, technology can step in to make our homes healthier and greener places to live. Let’s take a look at four of the best.

An Air Purifier

Perhaps one of the most useful pieces of modern technology which can make an enormous difference in any home is an air purifier. There are actually more contaminants in the air inside our homes than there are outside them, so finding ways to remove those pollutants and toxins is vital if we want to breathe easy. An air purifier is the perfect solution. Thanks to an integrated HEPA filter, an air purifier can remove all harmful contaminants and particles from the air stopping them from being breathed into your lungs. From smoke and pet hair to dust, air purifiers reduce the effect of allergies and asthma so you can feel better at home. Click here for information about how an air purifier can help you and how to choose the best one to suit your needs.

Hands-Free Faucets

How often have you worried about bacteria when handling raw foods or dirty vegetables and trying to turn on your kitchen faucet at the same time? What about when you’ve used the toilet and need to wash your hands – have you ever worried about touching the faucet with your germ-ridden hands? Bacteria and germs can be a thing of the past with today’s modern hands-free faucets. Equipped with a sensor, you won’t need to touch them to activate the water. All you need to do is pass your hand in front of the sensor and you can easily wash your dirty hands without spreading bacteria and germs around your home. Even better, you can pair the hands-free faucet with a hands-free soap dispenser for even more hygienic potential in your kitchen and bathroom.

The Smart Thermostat

One of the most convenient inventions of recent times which can also improve your well-being as well as helping to reduce your carbon footprint is the smart thermostat. When paired with a compatible home heating system, it’s possible to program your heating or cooling to come on just before you come home or whenever it is most needed. With modern technology, it’s possible to save money on your energy bills, giving you more money to spend on other things to improve your well-being and it will also help to save the environment while ensuring that you start cozy and comfortable in your home. At the same time, you can install smart lights which switch off whenever you leave a room to help slash your carbon footprint even further and help to reduce your energy bills.

A Geothermal Pump

One fantastic invention which can make a big difference to your home and your environment is the geothermal pump. Using around 24% – 50% less electricity than a conventional heating system, you can reduce your energy bills by as much as 40% in the long run. Geothermal energy is very eco-friendly and so will reduce your carbon footprint exponentially and as there isn’t any need for an outdoor condensing unit, air pollution won’t be a problem that you’ll need to worry about. You’ll breathe more easily when out and about around your home, and the environment will thank you. It’s a much better choice that the standard heating and cooling system that most homes use.

These are just four of the latest pieces of technology which can make a big difference for your well-being and the well-being of our planet. Whether you invest in one or all of these advances, you are sure to notice the difference in your own health, and hopefully, in the health of the environment in the long term.

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