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What Kind of Mechanical Watch is Worth Buying

If you love classical watches and want one with a contemporary style, then a mechanical watch is a good option for you. But many people think it is not worth buying a watch just for fashion or its appearance, as mechanical watches are pricey. Moreover, these watches are not as accurate as quartz watches because they work on a winding mechanism.

But what if you find a mechanical watch that offers accuracy, style, automatic working, and outstanding durability. It seems impossible, but it is made possible by Wishdoit watches, which hold enormous surprises for you.

To determine what kind of mechanical watch is worth buying, you have to continue reading this article.

Things to Check Before Buying a Worth Buying Mechanical Watch

Band Material

Although the market has a variety of watches with bands made of different materials like leather bands, silicon bands, nylon bands, metal bands, etc. But if you want a band that gives an ultimate resistance against water, UV rays, oxidation, oil, and many other things. Still, it gives you a soft feel.


It is a common fact that mechanical watches are not as accurate as quartz; most people buy these watches to follow trends or as a fashion as they are brilliant in looks. But instead of a manual-wind watch, if you have a watch with an automatic movement, you do not need to bother about winding the watch every day to guarantee that it continues to function correctly. And this makes watches with automatic movements quite popular. Winding the watch is unnecessary as long as you are wearing it since it will keep its power without needing winding.


To explain how well-equipped a watch is to withstand water, manufacturers use the water-resistance rating as a benchmark. It is an essential factor to check because if your watch is not water-resistant, it will damage if it comes in contact with water while washing hands, in the rain, or during swimming.


The price will not affect the features that need to be in your watch; nevertheless, it will affect the quality of the materials, construction, and heritage associated with the wristwatch that you choose.

Instead of buying cheap mechanical watches, it is better to pay full attention while buying one as it is an investment, not a matter of mere pennies.

Where to Buy the Best Mechanical Watch

This question needs an answer. If you know all the details of finding the best mechanical watch, the next is an authenticated place to buy it. And that place is wishdoitwatches, where you get a fantastic collection of mechanical timepieces inspired by Caribbean pirate culture. All watches are beautiful and give a classic look with high quality. As they have an automatic movement, they are accurate and need no daily winding. Moreover, the material offers resistance to dirt and is dense and soft. The chain has fluorine atoms, resulting in the rubber having exceptional resistance to heat, oxidation, oil, and corrosion.

Which Mechanical Watch is Worth Buying

Ultimately, it will be unfair if I don’t suggest a unique mechanical watch. So, keeping in mind all the points, one watch is a perfect example: the Pirate – Captain Kidd-Silvery Watch. This tonneau shape watch is a lightweight and aesthetically beautiful watch. Its stainless steel case and Sapphire Crystal Glass give it a great look. Not only in appearance, but the sapphire crystal glass also offers durability, as there are rare chances of its breakage, chipping, or getting scratched.

Its name tells the whole story of manufacturing this watch by getting inspiration from Captain William Kidd’s adventurous and mysterious voyage to the dark Indian Ocean. To give a tribute to him, they introduce a double row paddle design in this mechanical watch, which symbolizes a stream of energy that flows in both directions, the secret to an undiscovered treasure.

This barrel-shaped case tonneau watch has an automatic mechanical movement, so winding is not needed, as it works on a self-winding mechanism. You just need to wear it; moreover, it has 80 hours of power reserve, which means it can work even in a still position for up to 80 hours, which is impressive. This feature makes it stand out among other mechanical watches that have 1.8 times lesser power reserve.

The fluorine rubber strap makes it more resistive against UV rays, sweating, oxidation, oil, and heat. Moreover, it also protects it from corrosion. This skin-friendly, comfortable band is easy to clean and durable.  

With Multilayer Skeleton Dial, this watch comes 5ATM of water resistance, making it great to wear on every occasion in any season. The five-year warranty is a plus point, indicating that purchasing this watch is a wise and worth buying decision. 

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