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The Simplest Way to Write a High Scoring History Essay

Although history major might be considered one of the easiest because of its lack of technical writing, without submitting quality essays, it becomes challenging to perform well in that course. Writing a history essay can quickly become an overwhelming task because the subject matter is immense.

What makes writing a history paper hard is that the student spends several hours analyzing older texts. For each assignment, you have to work tirelessly to organize your thoughts and present a unique argument that impresses the professor from start to finish.

Besides, each year the assignments get more difficult, and the workload also increases. But any history student can write a quality essay that fits the current academic standards through practice and by following these practical tips.

Start by Reading the Assignment Instructions

The specifications given by a teacher play a crucial role in the grading process. So before writing an essay, it’s best first to read the assignment instructions to understand what is required of you, what to include, and when to submit the task. The assignment prompt also guides a student on how to write the content.

For example, if the instructions say discuss, that means you have to construct an argument from a broad range of materials. On the other hand, if the word analyze or analysis are in the assignment prompt, then it means the student must make an observation about a specific composition by using a critical approach then give an interpretation while using textual evidence to support your ideas.

Follow a Thoughtful Section of Topic

Reading the instructions will also give a student an idea of whether the assignment has narrowed the field of possibilities. If it has, use that foundation to formulate an original argument. When it comes to coming up with a focused topic, most students assume that history is a descriptive record of what exactly happened in the past. That is wrong. Asking why and how certain events happened in the past.

If it’s a review topic focusing on why scholars disagree gives a better interpretation. If you are still confused about what to write about, ask an essay writer to help.

Construct Meaningful Arguments

To develop meaningful arguments, a student should read several documents with common themes and use them to create a hypothesis. After deciding on a specific argument, formulate it to become a clear thesis statement and write it in the opening paragraph of your essay. The thesis should be an arguable point that conveys the topic in a fascinating way. Use the thesis to collect evidence to support it.

Carry Out Responsible Interpretation of Sources

Writing a high-scoring history essay requires the student to add scholarly sources that function as evidence to support the historical argument. To find good evidence, students look at primary sources like diaries, literature, economic data, newspaper editorial, film, art, and speech. You will know a source is appropriate by considering when it was created, why, how, and why.

Both primary and secondary sources will only yield evidence after thorough interrogation and analysis. Overall, a professor will judge your essay based on the argument presented and the interpretation of evidence. Thus you must think carefully about how you will frame your analysis. Overall, the evidence should support your thesis and strengthen the argument.

Always Write Your Essay in the Past

While writing in the present tense is acceptable in other disciplines, when it comes to a history assignment, all historians agree that historical writing and thinking have to be represented using the past tense.

After all, the event presented in history took place in the past. You should also avoid generalization and focus on specificity and avoid relating any historical argument to the present.

Use a Consistent Citation Style

The two citation style accepted in the history discipline is Chicago and MLA. The style to use in your essay depends on your professor. Regardless of the reference requested, your history paper stands a high chance of getting a good grade if it uses the style consistently. For the Chicago style, make use of endnotes and footnotes to provide supplemental information. Remember, your credibility as a scholar is at stake so format your paper correctly to avoid plagiarism penalties.


The best way to know that your history paper employs a consistent citation style and engages with the material is by conducting a thorough edit. Set ample time aside to proofread and ensure the text is written in a formal academic voice, gives a clear interpretation of evidence, and offers the necessary contexts.

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