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How To Become A Professional Computer Gamer?

You get up in the morning, turn on your computer, sit on the couch, pick up your game headphones, and go to your favorite game. And so it takes several hours. What are you really doing? You are preparing for the competition! Sounds like an unreal dream? And not at all! The computer game industry has developed so much in recent times that more and more people are earning money as professional gamers. If you are wondering how to become one of them, you will find the answer in our article!


Who Is A Gamer?

Let’s start with the simplest: a gamer is a person who plays games. So, if you enjoy spending your free time playing computer games, you are a gamer. More than 2.5 billion people worldwide have this hobby. By the way, not only men like to play: according to surveys, 41% of all gamers in the world are women.

Gaming has long ceased to be stereotypically associated with entertainment only for teenagers or young men who do not work and may not leave home for several days. This type of activity is becoming increasingly popular among office workers, students, or freelancers. So, if you are a current student trying to become a professional gamer, don’t worry about your academic papers, an experienced essay writer is always there for you.

What Is eSports?

Professional computer games have become a sport. For more than ten years, online and offline tournaments have been organized for the best players in the country or the world. Tickets for electronic competitions sell out very quickly, and the cost of prize money is the same as in the most popular sports.

Who can take part in such competitions? Theoretically, anyone who has the necessary skills for a particular game. Some tournaments are individual tournaments, others are team tournaments with professional players in guilds or clans. They train together and then fight for trophies. A professional gamer can earn tens of thousands of dollars to win a prestigious tournament! Where do such sums come from? From sponsors. Like any industry that has become popular and of interest to many people, eSports also attracts a lot of money. Companies are willing to finance prizes, organize their tournaments because they know that a good show will attract many people, and each participant is their potential customer.

Online gamer: What Features Should It Have?

As in any other profession, certain soft competencies are also key. Many of them can be obtained in the process of socialization: some require a minimum of time and effort, others will require a lot of effort.

A good gamer should be:

  • Confident.
  • Motivated.
  • Self-disciplined.
  • Team player.

Steel nerves, the ability to lose or fail – these are certainly the most important character traits of every athlete, both “traditional” and “virtual”. It takes a lot of work and training to succeed. For three days in a row, you can practice the same skill until the pain of your hands or fingers. To become a truly professional player, you often need to go through a lot of repetitive actions for several hours in a row. This will make your reflexes even better and create “muscular memory”: later, certain steps or combinations of movements will be reduced to automatism.

It is important to be able to draw conclusions from your own and others’ failures. Game analysis is a painful and tedious task for many people, but necessary. Training makes the gamer more perfect. This is confirmed by all players who compare their skills at the beginning and after a certain time of training. This is how your professional growth and development takes place.

How To Start? E-sports For Beginners

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In the beginning, you should choose your field – that is, the game in which you want to specialize. Next, look for like-minded people with whom you will train, share experiences and skills. Regular and frequent training – both individually and as a team – helps to develop effective tactics, distribute tasks according to which player has the skills and what he is best at. A professional computer player spends 3-4 hours a day only on team training.

The next step on the path to professionalism in e-sports is to participate in tournaments. Once you master the game within the team, you will definitely get into the amateur league. There, teams with similar skills compete with each other. Thanks to this, it is possible to improve in those aspects that have not been enough in training so far. Here, too, many things can happen – a good gamer can find the best teams, even professional ones. The first sponsors also appear in amateur leagues, and with them the first money. Thus, individual teams will be promoted to professional leagues. And here are the real financial rewards and the struggle for victory.

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