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How Robotically Handwritten Letters Can Improve Business Communication

Robots are slowly taking over the world. Nowadays, they’ve conquered the art of letter-writing with a service that allows you to enjoy beautiful, handwritten letters to send to your family and friends. You can choose from thousands of templates and get the perfect output every single time. These products enhance your message, whether you’re sending one to your customers, staff, or suppliers.

Here are the ways robotically handwritten letters can improve business communication:

1. Scale

The most notable benefit of robotically handwritten letters is reaching out to thousands of customers at once. Because this service harnesses the power of technology, and the endurance of machines, you won’t have to worry about limiting the number of memos you send to your customers or staff. This simple gesture can go a long way in improving your business communication with internal and external clients and, in turn, boost your sales as well as productivity in the workplace.

2. Genuineness

Even though we’re living in the digital age, there’s something different about receiving a handwritten note. Business owners will benefit from distributing handwritten memos showing their appreciation to their employees since your compliments will be seen as more authentic.

Moreover, sending handwritten thank-you letters to loyal customers will definitely be more accepted and cherished, thus improving their perception of your brand. This is an excellent way to build consistent customer relations and encourage them to continue their patronage.

Some tips to help you enhance the letter you’ll send to customers:

Get Personal

Never use anonymous greetings like “Dear Valued Customer” or, worse, “To Whom It May Concern.” This type of introduction is a surefire way of getting your letter scrapped. Customize your messages and use their name.

If the buyer has been an avid supporter for a long time, then you may dispense with the formalities and address them by their first name. However, if they’re new clients, it’s recommended to stick to add honorifics like Mr. or Ms. before their surname.


Another guaranteed way to throw your efforts out the window is to misspell the customer’s name. Always proofread each letter being sent out to clients to ensure that there aren’t any typographical or grammatical errors.

Avoid Generic Messages

Similar to using anonymous greetings, generic messages like “Thank you for your support” or “We appreciate your loyalty” may not be harmful, but it also may not lead to positive results for your branding efforts. Instead, identify your customers’ preferences like what products or services they often buy or how many years they’ve been supporting your enterprise. Being specific and including details in your letters will supplement your company’s authenticity.

Offer Special Deals

To further show customers that you value their loyalty to your business, you can add exclusive deals in their letters that only they can use. You can offer freebies even without minimum purchase or give them discounts on the products and services that you know will be of interest to them. Something as simple as a five percent discount or free delivery voucher can make a lot of difference in boosting their impression of your brand and your sales.

Take Advantage of Your Postscript

The Postscript or PS section of your letter comes second as the most-read part of a message, after the greetings or heading. That’s why you should maximize this space by putting a call-to-action or informing customers of what they can do after reading your note, or use it to summarize your main thoughts.

Be Straightforward

Don’t use industry jargon if you’re writing a letter to customers. Most of them won’t know what you’re talking about and making them decode your message will take too much time. Use simple and straightforward terms that convey your thoughts without risk of confusion as well as misinterpretation.

Give Them the Option to Unsubscribe

You should provide a note at the bottom of your letter informing your customers that they can choose to stop receiving messages from your company. Also, include the option to switch to email if they’re concerned about going green.

3. Thoughtfulness

The act of sending handwritten letters may seem effortless, but it actually shows customers how much you value them. Improve your customer service by sending clients a note on special occasions. This gesture will evoke positive feelings for you and your brand without spending too much time and money, especially when you hire a robot to do the tedious task for you.

These are the special times when you should send a handwritten note to customers:

  • Birthday Months – Birthdays are the best times to receive a handwritten letter. You can do it by monthly batches and send it out in bulk to your customers.
  • Holidays – Sending letters to customers who celebrate Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, and other religious events will show them how much you respect their beliefs and that you rejoice with them during these joyous occasions.
  • Membership Anniversaries – If you have a membership program, you can distribute handwritten letters to customers on the day they signed up. This not only shows them that you care enough to remember this detail, but it’s also a chance to encourage them to continue their patronage of your business.
  • Responding to Fan Mail – An excellent way of replying to messages from supporters is to craft a handwritten letter and sending it to them old-school style. It will give off the impression that you took the time out of your busy schedule to respond to their mail.
  • Notifying Them of Exclusive Offers – Reward loyal customers with special promos and discounts. This way, you boost sales by motivating them to buy more of your products and services.

4. Uniqueness

Your customers are most likely bombarded with emails and digital newsletters from your competitors. Stand out from the crowd by going for the traditional yet more meaningful route of snail mail. With most communication between buyers and companies being done online, you can improve brand recall by being a business that sends handwritten letters during special occasions or joyous events.

5. Timelessness

It’s no wonder that handwritten letters continue to evoke positive feelings and responses until today. The act of sending one will never be obsolete because of all the effort and creativity invested in a tiny note. Your customers will definitely cherish this type of message instead of digital ones that they can easily move to the trash or transfer to their archives.


Handwritten letters will always have a special place in the hearts of your customers even when its contents are about your business. Take advantage of today’s technology where robots can write these notes on your behalf; ensuring that you get one that’s entirely error-free and precise.

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