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How to choose the color of my LED panel?

What LED panels are

The word LED or Light Emitting Diode means Light Emitting Diode. It is an optoelectronic element that can reflect light when it comes into contact with a moving current. A light panel is then made up of numerous LED strips which are mounted on a panel to provide a diffused and soft light, but very bright. If you want to know more about LED signs, do not hesitate to visit ShineLongled, the leader in the industrial manufacturing of advertising signs.

The LED light panel, widely used by professionals, is found more and more in homes. Indeed, this luminaire has many advantages in terms of performance and energy saving. It is also available in different lighting colors as required. Here is our guide to help you choose your LED panel color.

Why install an LED panel?

Guaranteed efficient and economical lighting

The LED panel guarantees quality, economical, and long-lasting lighting. Indeed, the light-emitting diodes emit light under the sole action of the electric field. They offer maximum lighting upon ignition, without any flickering. By directly producing the radiation, the LEDs thus limit heat loss. They use up to 90% less energy than incandescent or halogen bulbs. Their lifespan is also 25 times longer (between 20,000 and 50,000 hours) thanks to the absence of thermal variation.

Harmonious light distribution

The LED light panels provide uniform lighting. The LEDs and the electric cables are hidden in a frame surrounding a plate designed in PPMA (polymethyl methacrylate). This transparent thermoplastic polymer, better known under the name of plexiglass or altuglas, guarantees optimal light diffusion. Its transmission properties make it possible to hide the LED hot spots. The lighting spreads in a balanced way without loss of intensity.

Clean design

The LED panels integrate easily into your interior thanks to their sober design and their space-saving volume. These luminaires exist in several dimensions, in square or rectangular format. LED panels with 60 cm sides are the most used since they correspond to the standard size of false ceiling plates. The LED pavers are also available in a smaller format (30 x 30 cm). They can be suspended by cables, surface-mounted or directly embedded in a wall or ceiling.

What are the colors of the LED panels?

Warm white

The color temperature, measured in degrees Kelvin (° K), characterizes the tint of the lighting. The warm white LED panel color corresponds to the lowest temperature. It is between 2,300 and 3,500 ° K. The light then appears yellowish or even reddish, close to that produced by incandescent lamps or halogen bulbs. This shade recalls the gleams of a setting sun or a candle flame. It thus creates a warm atmosphere conducive to relaxation.

Neutral white

Neutral white corresponds to a color temperature between 4,000 to 5,500 ° K. This is an intermediate shade between white light and that of incandescent bulbs. It thus appears neither too blue nor too yellow. The neutral white LED panel color is the one that guarantees the greatest visual comfort. It is akin to daylight and can, therefore, be used for many purposes.

Cold white

The color of the cold white LED panel is characterized by high temperature, above 6000 ° K. This light shade, completely devoid of yellow, slightly turns blue. The light appears more powerful and creates a stimulating atmosphere. However, it can dazzle and attack the eyes. Its rendering is also more artificial than that of warmer lighting. Cold light, therefore, meets special needs and is not recommended for use in living rooms.

How to adapt the color of the LED panel to my room?

A warm light for a welcoming atmosphere

The warm white LED panel color is ideal for lighting the interior of your home, especially the living room, dining room, and bedrooms. This shade highlights the woodwork and brings a cozy atmosphere. It thus promotes calm and rests. This soft and pleasant light is also recommended in waiting rooms (beauty and massage institutes …) as well as in bars, hotels, and restaurants.

Neutral lighting for shops and professional spaces

LED panels with neutral lighting are suitable for a large number of people and environments. This LED panel color is the one that comes closest to natural light. It, therefore, has the advantage of not tiring the eyes, especially in places requiring permanent lighting (offices, car dealers …). It also enhances the products and is therefore recommended for LED store lighting.

Cold light for industrial premises, showrooms and workshops

The cool white LED pavers emit bright blue-tinted lighting. They are widely used in industrial premises, warehouses, and storage spaces for their luminous efficiency. In addition, the cool white faithfully reproduces the colors and highlights each object. This LED panel color is therefore ideal for lighting museums and art galleries. Its color rendering index (CRI) also allows it to be used in designer and architecture workshops.

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