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Top 10 Content Marketing Trends in 2017

2017 is the another year to look forward in terms of content marketing. Various companies have already started making their plans and strategies for content marketing. In todays scenario, content marketing is not only about who produces the highest volume, rather it is about who adapt the diversity of multiple platforms and get engaged with an audience on a regular basis.

Basically, content marketing is the most important part of digital marketing. Further, it also involves creating and distributing of valuable content across various digital marketing platforms. The competition in the market has led to the emergence of content marketing and that too in various advertising, case studies, guest blogs, info graphics and many more like these. Its strategies, also helps in creating a blog.

Therefore, you can say that content marketing which was not very popular in olden times, has now become the integral part of any marketing strategy. Below mentioned is the list of top 10 content marketing trends in 2017:

1. Buying Influencers

One of the best content marketing strategy is buying your influencers and the best example for this is that recently a well known YouTube celebrity Casey Neistat has amazed millions of followers through his video blog. Further, instead of making a new platform or finding a new leader, the company just went purchased Neistat and his team.

2. Interactive content will make a trend

This is the other most effective content marketing trend in 2017 because consumers are usually overwhelmed by the promotional content created by the brands. Therefore, an increased competition on content platforms has led marketers to seek innovative ways to connect their audience.

3. A sound investment

Another most important content marketing trend is a sound investment. Basically, making a consistent brand through compelling content leads will lead to higher rate of interest than digital advertising, and it will also build long term relations with customers.

4. Mobile always comes first

The concept of content marketing with mobile is one of the most successful methods. This method is providing relevant content to the audience and that too no matter where they are.  Therefore, as more and more people are taking it to apps, the mobile content marketing will surely going to gain momentum this year.

5. Content marketing as defensive mechanism

Defensive content marketing is the other successful medium of doing marketing. Recently, Kellogg’s has taken its advertising from Breibart which has become a big news and this campaign trended on twitter and was easily picked by all major new channels.

6. Ad aversion strategy

Ad aversion will basically cause all marketers to invest in native advertising and further, Ad block usage is rising at a very high speed. Marketers usually rely on paid ads, and with this they need alternatives to earn exposure and brand recognition.

7. Blur the line and create virtual reality

Nowadays, maximum number of customers feel more connected to the various brands that deliver some type of virtual reality experience. Further, lot of discussion was done on this and recently North Face has said a virtual reality a good thing to promote their latest stocks.

8. Interactivity is the Key to Success

Interaction is the key to success for any content marketer because it is one of the biggest challenges for any digital marketer. For this you have to work hard to keep your customers attached to your website or blog for a long time.

9. Email marketing

Email marketing is the other most popular in content marketing trends because people usually check their phones all the time and keep a track of their email notifications. So, it’s a great way to reach them. Today, many large brands still run their important campaigns on emails and enjoy good results.

10. Make your content shoppable

Last but not the least content marketing trend is that make your content shoppable because people are moving towards online shopping at a very high speed and due to this shoppable content will also be in demand. Therefore, many digital media platforms have already incorporated various options that will encourage quick buying.

So, the above listed are some of the best and top 10 content marketing trends for the year 2017. You can choose the one which suits you best.


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