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Distance Learning A Piece Of Cake With These 6 Best Learning Apps

Over the period of last 10 years, the number of students opting for online educational programs has been constantly rising. Thus, keeping in view the interest of students in distance learning, many developers have created apps and online tools to facilitate and help students go through their learning process conveniently.


Some of such apps include:


  • Schoology


This app is a perfect solution for students who want to manage their online learning experience. It provides multiple features, and the frequent updates make this app user-friendly and reliable. This free app with good user reviews is a must-have app for students who want to learn online. Some of the key features of Schoology include:


  • Participation in academic discussions
  • Submission of assignments
  • Collaboration with fellow students
  • Assessments




What can be a better learning experience than video lessons? YouTube is truly a blessing for students who are opting for online and distant learning courses. With thousands of online lectures and lessons, students can simply search and learn any topic they want and that too by the most popular teachers around the world. The best thing about learning from YouTube is that it is a free app and does not require registration in any institute for students to learn. Any individual who is not even attending any distance learning program can take help from online lectures anytime and from anywhere in the world.



  • Skype


Skype is the most commonly used app for video chatting with friends and family around the world. What many people don’t know is its advantages as a medium of learning. Many universities offer a facility of online and live teaching sessions where students can not only attend the classroom from a distant place but can also ask questions to the teacher directly and on-the-spot to clear out their confusions. Skype can also be used as a combined-study tool when students from different cities or even countries can sit together and study.



  • Coursera


Finding a free and useful app for learning online is like a jackpot for distant learners. The Coursera app on iTunes enables students to connect with free and online courses from over 100 of most prestigious colleges and universities. You will easily find courses from Yale, Princeton, Stanford and many other universities on this user-friendly app. No matter where you are and what subject you want, this app is definitely a one-stop solution. Some of the subjects on which this app provides free courses include:


  • Business and leadership
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Psychology
  • Nutrition
  • Finance
  • Accounting



  • Udacity


It is by far the most useful app for people who want to learn programming for establishing a career in the same field. With over a million students from around the world, this app offers online courses in following categories:


  • Android app development
  • Artificial intelligence for robotics
  • Computer networking
  • Introduction to data science
  • Introduction to computer science
  • Introduction to CSS and HTML
  • Object-oriented JAVA script
  • Mobile web development


Availability of courses in all these subjects along with many others is truly a blessing for students who are eager to learn about programming and are seeking a career in related fields.



  • Blackboard Mobile Learn


Blackboard helps and enables students to keep up with the progress of courses and their performance in them. Students can easily attach files from Dropbox, check their grades, post discussions, view contents provided by the teachers and take tests by using this amazing app. You can use it for free if your college or institution has licensed this app.

The very purpose of all these and other online learning platforms is to facilitate students who want to study from home or are unable to attend college/universities regularly. If you learn how to use them and get yourself education through such apps, you can definitely enhance your learning experience by 100%.


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