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When Do You Need VPN And When Smart DNS?

Many people are unaware of the options available to them when it comes to ensuring their internet connection offers better safety, privacy and accessibility. It is also possible to expand your internet connections capabilities, again many people may not be aware that expansion is even a possibility.

You may have heard terms such as “VPN” and “Smart DNS” but not understand what they are, let alone the difference between them. They have some similarities, however, work in very different ways.

Therefore here are descriptions of both and how they differ including limitations. This is to ensure you opt for the correct technology for your needs before you set up smart DNS or VPN.

What is a VPN?

A VPN or ”virtual private network” adds an additional layer of encryption to all the information coming to and from your device(s), like a tunnel. Therefore, no one can see your web traffic if they are monitoring your internet connection. However, they will know you are using a VPN.

When To Use VPN

If you are wondering when you could or should use a VPN, here are a few suggestions.

If You Are A Remote/Home Worker

For security reasons, many companies require staff to use a VPN to access company servers, networks and drives when out of the office. The added level of encryption offered by using a VPN assist companies in ensuring their data is not accessed by anyone it shouldn’t be.

If You Are Travelling

Some countries around the world block certain sites, particularly social media. However, if you use a VPN, you should still be able to access them. Also if you pay for a streaming service but cannot access it in the country you are visiting, using a VPN should allow you to view without a problem.

If You Are Using Public Wifi

If you love working in coffee shops or in any other place that offers free public wifi using a VPN is highly recommended. This is because public wifi is often a prime target for hackers. This means they could steal your personal information including email and bank login details, amongst other things.

What is a Smart DNS and How Is It Different?

A Smart DNS or Dynamic Name System unlike a VPN does not provide an encrypted connection or change the IP address of your device.

This means you should not rely on a Smart DNS for security and privacy purposes. However, it does mean that the connection between the website and the device you are using is a lot faster.

If you find you cannot access a service when you are out of the country you subscribed to it in i.e. tv streaming service, this is called geo-blocking and a smart DNS can help with this in the same way a VPN can.

A Smart DNS can mask your IP address.  Therefore, making it look like you are somewhere else rather than your actual location.

The difference between a smart DNS and a VPN is that using a smart DNS means you can choose which sites you want to hide your real location from i.e. the tv streaming services while leaving others unaffected. Whereas a VPN hides your real location from all sites.

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