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The magic that clipping path experts perform – more than simple editing

How do you think the above image has been framed? Certainly, no camera can take this shot. Again, can you complain about the editing that is done on this picture? The backdrop almost fits with the vibrant umbrella. Such form of image editing can be done using clipping path. If this image is not convincing enough, have a look at the next one.

So, Johnny Depp did dress up as the mad hatter, but the background was computer generated. He was placed there using picture editing tools like Photoshop. This is what clipping path experts do. You almost believe in this scene from “Alice in Wonderland” as there is almost no way to guess that Mr. Depp actually took this shot on a plain white background.

Clipping path and background removal

As you have already guessed by now, this tool in Photoshop is used to clip (and not crop) a subject out of a particular image and place it in an entirely different background. It can be a certain scene on some particular landscape or a simple single-coloured background, depending on the purpose.

In Photoshop, you will have to follow these steps to clip out a subject:

  • Open the image you want to clip.
  • Select the pen tool to create a closed path around the subject.
  • Save this path on the “paths” panel.
  • From the same panel, select clipping path option.
  • Choose the path from the drop down box and hit “OK.”

Simple right? There is a faster way as well. You can use the “Add Layer Mask Button” to separate out the subject and make everything in the backdrop transparent. Thus, your image is ready to be placed on any background you feel like. It may look something like this.

Already looking fake, isn’t it? This is certainly not you had in your mind, and this is why you need clipping path experts. They not only remove the background but make it fit for further use.

Clipping path services – the professional way!

Such image editing firms will clip your images and give it a form that will make the subject’s background change unnoticeable. consider the following image:

This is how you will generally see restaurants posting their dishes in social media. Certainly, this picture has been edited by a professional image editor and typically, the following steps were followed:

  • First, the picture of the dish was taken on a plain background. Since is on a black backdrop in this image, the plate was placed on a black cloth with a cupboard of the same shade set behind it.
  • Next, the image was clipped out using clipping path technique mentioned above. This frame was then placed over the selected background.
  • Things did not end here. To make the image look more natural, the experts may have adjusted its brightness, contrast, hue, temperature and a host of other features.

Then a final image is delivered by clipping path experts. No doubt this will serve your purpose. A simple food picture clicked on a common table will is not healthy for advertisement. This picture on your banner is a definite crowd-puller.

Are such services only for commercial use?

And the answer is a huge “no.” We all have that wall in our living room where we like to put up a photo-collage. Instead of using a standard picture of you smiling at the camera, imagine something like this:

How good will this look? Notice how this image is edited. The shot of the person was taken holding a branch in her garden. Using clipping path, the experts have interchanged the background with a lake view scene. To give things a more natural look, they have used a sepia-type filter over it with some blurring and fade effect. A bit of shadow adjustment is also made.

Now, if this was a picture of your wedding day, what if the shot was this good? A normal image of you two converted into top-class concept photography. Imagine something like this.

Where do you find a backdrop like this? Actually, you don’t have to. Clipping path experts will ask you for an image of you two and do the needful. Observe another thing in this shot. The sky around not necessarily came with the background. It could have been borrowed from an entirely different image. This is the fun part of photo-editing with this amazing tool.

Final Words

Professionals are those people who will understand your need. They will not only deliver a clipped image to you but make it something that is more than fascinating. Photoshop has a lot of potential when it comes to its clipping path tool. A right knowledge with the right pieces can do wonders to your picture. Be it business or personal, image editing services are there to escalate your image (pun intended).


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