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Can A VPN Make Your Internet Connection Faster?

There has been a lot of debate over the use of a VPN and the effects it has on internet speed. Some say there is an increase in the speed and yet some say it decreases the speed. So what is the true answer? The true verdict is this: yes, the VPN can increase your speed, but the VPN itself won’t do it. A VPN will affect other parts of your internet connection system, and that in turn can play a role in speeding up your bandwidth. Here is an explanation on how this could possibly work.

First of all, the VPN works by going into a unique network that is designated by that particular virtual private network. Normally, the journey would be longer. So yes, this would slow your internet speed down. The TOR Network is one classic example of this. However, even though TOR is terribly slow, it is definitely the most private and safe option available to you to keep your internet history from prying eyes. So, how does the reverse happen? How would a VPN actually speed up your internet? There is definitely one main, glaring way that this can happen. Simply put, it’s called bandwidth throttling. What is this throttling and what does it have to do with a VPN?

First of all, you need to understand something about internet service providers. Very often they are not of the integrity that they present themselves to be. For example, many of these internet service providers will limit the bandwidth you are allowed in an effort to get you to purchase the more expensive plan. This practice, which has even been outlawed in many jurisdictions, is what is called “throttling.” Unfortunately, it can be hard to pinpoint this unsavory practice. However there are a number of telltale signs that can clue you in to throttling from your ISP. For example, if your speed slows down during certain activities (such as watching Netflix) it could be due to the throttling of your bandwidth. Of course, this all begs the question: how can a VPN help this?

The answer to how a VPN can speed up your internet and stop throttling dead in its tracks lies in how a VPN operates. First of all, a VPN works by keeping your ID and IP address private. Most internet service providers who do throttling do it selectively, and they need to know your IP address in order to do so. There is no throttling with a VPN because they hide your IP address and your ISP simply does not know you are using a VPN. This is how your internet can be sped up by using a virtual private network.

In reality, you should think of a VPN as passing information through a secure tunnel. You have to be inside this tunnel in order to read this information. This means that hackers, internet service providers and other individuals won’t be able to read this information. Your ISP is definitely not able to see what you are doing online because it just appears to them to be a bunch of unreadable nonsense. This means you can do things that normally would cause throttling without the consequences!

So yes, at least in the circumstance of your ISP throttling your bandwidth, a VPN will certainly speed things up. However it’s important to note that there are a few situations where even the use of a VPN will not stop a slow-down. First of all, if your speed is slow and throttling is not the culprit, the VPN will not change anything. Also, if you are looking to avoid throttling from your ISP you need to go with a paid VPN simply because the free ones will often have a problem with an overloaded server. There’s also the distance of the VPN from your home base to consider. For example, if your VPN is in India and you are in the United States then the distance may still cause your bandwidth be slow. Finally, if your VPN is thoroughly encrypted, you will be slow no matter what. The more that data is encrypted the slower the internet will be.


Has throttling got you down? If so, there are a number of VPN options out there that will help you improve your web speed. And if you need more information about this awesome technology, then use VPN Vanguard to get everything you need. It’s the go-to source all things VPN-related right now.


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