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The best clipping path service provider in 2018

Want to choose a good clipping path service and not be cheated? With the development of modern technologies, ecommerce and online shopping, online product photo editing services are in the big demand among photographers and businessmen. As designers, advertising agencies and photographers need to manage with a large number of orders daily, they have to request assistance from outsourcing services or freelancers. The best and the quickest way of adjusting high-quality images is using the clipping path services.

Clipping path

Clipping path or a deep etch is a vector tool utilized in 2D image retouching environment. It is crucial for designing magazine photos, photos for online shops, brochures, websites, leaflets, catalogs etc. You can see many excellent examples visiting. After creating the clipping path, the picture is divided into two parts – everything outside the path will be removed, and the objects inside will be saved for a further work. It is created by utilizing the pen tool in Adobe Photoshop to cut out or replace an object from its background, or just by changing a certain part of the image or its shape. Utilizing this tool, you can cut out the object on the picture and separate it from the others. It helps enhance it by removing unnecessary components or odd details, making the image clearer and more attractive. Clipping path can be used to cut the objects out of the picture or alter the settings.

A good clipping path photo editor’s characteristics

Nowadays there is a great demand for high-level ecommerce photos. This raises the wide choice of product photo editing services. When we need to find an expert clipping path service provider, we should take into account the next crucial issues. When customers decide to look for the outsource retouching they should first make a research. Among the big variety of clipping path services, it is difficult to select the company. To make a right choice you’d better look through the company’s feedbacks, examples of their work. Before giving the order, take into account the following criteria:

  1. Start with the quality of photo editing. High-level clipping path services apply realistic shadows, removed stray hair and accuracy with all details. The most skillful editing makes the items look lifelike having smooth edges and silhouette. As the principle goal of product photo editing is to draw customer’s attention and boost the sales, the images should look natural and appealing. Therefore, while ordering, pay attention to the examples performed on the website.
  2. Whether you decided to outsource editing services to save your resources, pay attention to the turnaround. An experienced professional clipping path service provider will surely perform the order much faster than competitors.
  3. You must consider prices and choose the company, suitable for your budget. Not all companies present their price list on the site if it is not fixed. It may be a real surprise for you after ordering. Try to pick the experienced performers, they will surely know what to do to keep to the budget not to cross your limits.
  4. Positive clients’ feedbacks may play the most significant role while making a choice. It shows the company’s quality and proficiency.
  5. Look for the photo editing service that suggests revisions because it is important for any client. You may need to add some changes or moderations. So, before engaging the retouching service provider, make sure they have it.
  6. When there’s a necessity to deal with a big number of images, look for companies which offer discounts on bulk orders.

Product photo editor you can trust

It can be quite difficult and confusing to select and hire the best product photo editor as there are so many clipping path service providers in the web. FixThePhoto stands out from other editors as they are client friendly and result in focused on high quality service. These are professional photographers who work for photographers. They do their best to fulfill all customer’s demands, making professional photos for any online business. If you are looking for an expert image editing provider, try these guys.

FixThePhoto provides only pro-level image editing services not only in the sphere of ecommerce. They offer only first-rate editing for various digital photography genres as property, family, newborn photo post production, old photos restoration, headshot retouching, wedding photos editing, etc. Those services are of the highest demand. Skillful photo retouchers are proficient in all stated services and are able to gain your goals.

The FixThePhoto editors will assist you with:

  • Product photo retouching – using the clipping path with other Photoshop tools, our competent specialists will turn your ordinary pictures into pro-level edited images. This process doesn’t consist only of cutting the image out. They suggest a wide range of actions to achieve your assets. To intensify the photo, they may crop the image, adjust the contrast and brightness, remove or add tags, add watermarks, change or remove the background. To make the image flawless, it’s useful to reduce noise, do some masking, set margins. After enhancing the skin tone, photo color improvement, face editing, objects replacement, additive picture manipulations it will look appealing and engaging for the customers to buy without hesitations.
  • Clipping path service – they will manage with thousands of your e-commerce photos cutting them out of the picture and adding shadow to make them look true to life. They work only with bulk orders and guarantee the editing is made on pro-level. After using the clipping path, they may also rotate or resize the image as required, remove the mannequin, replace the background, make the image compression. The editors set the image of your products on the white background adding realistic shadow, so your image won’t look flat and dull. They work with all sort of products – shoes, clothes, jewelry, toys, automobiles, cosmetics, furniture. Photoshop clipping path is done by expert designers who produce high-quality photos for clients 24/7.
  • Portrait and body retouching – if your product photo includes a model, the company provides this service to enhance your advertisements or design. They will correct colors and shadow, remove all the flaws (Stray hair elimination, blemishes elimination, clothes changes, lips, eyes/hair tone improvement ).
  • Background changing or removal – to create the certain atmosphere needed for ads of catalogs and sites, they offer background change, blurring or removal.

You will be satisfied with FixThePhoto editing company’s work result as they:

  • Have years of experience in product photo retouching having edited tons of images and are improving their work daily.
  • Perform order with the preciseness, meeting the deadlines and taking all customers wishes into account.
  • Offer individual approach to every client, making the images suitable to your style, requirements, and wishes,
  • Propose a reasonable price list with the price starting from $0,14 for the image;
  • Consist of qualified photo retouchers who are skillful, creative and accurate with purchaser’s demands;
  • Propose no more than 2 days’ turnaround, and this is the quickest in the product photo editing sphere;
  • Are on-line 24/7 to answer your questions on the task
  • Permanent client or customers with volume orders have discounts up to 50% off.

Some of their work is showcased below:

The FixThePhoto product photo retouchers offer flexible and clear pricing system. You will easily find it on the website. They have different packages depending on the services you need. Product photo post production Basic Level package is from $2 for image. It includes:

  • DPI Correction
  • Image Rotation
  • Simple Items
  • Background Removal
  • Watermarks Adding
  • Backdrop Color Changing (Simple Objects)
  • Adding the Borders
  • Changing File Format
  • Compression
  • Image Resizing

You may also order special services if needed:

  • Cast Shadows +0,5$
  • Professional Retouch +5$
  • Additional Retouch+10$
  • Background Elimination (2-5$)
  • Recoloring objects+2$
  • Remove Mannequin +1$
  • Natural Shadows +1$
  • Reflection +1$
  • Drop Shadows +0,5$
  • Mannequin +10$
  • Basic level editing+2$

FixThePhoto suggests the biggest choice for your designing problems. Since 2003 their creative team has been improving their skills in photo editing, uprising the level of the performance using Photoshop tools. They succeed in the product photo post production, helping clients to achieve their goals in the sphere of advertising, design, online trade etc. So if you need this kind of help, address this photo editor.

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