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How Does Tesla Use Artificial Intelligence? 

Elon Musk, the billionaire with a dream to launch humans into space and to Mars shortly with his SpaceX Company, also has a car manufacturing company. Calling it just a “car” manufacturing company would be a bit of an understatement, as they recently launched an electric truck appropriately named “Cyber Truck” due to its streamlined looks. Elon is also the co-founder of the OpenAI foundation that is safeguarding humans from future rogue robots.

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Tesla Inc. is a vehicle manufacturing company founded by Elon Musk in 2003. The company highly focuses on switching to more nature-friendly sources of energy. The company manufactures electric vehicles, solar panels, and high-grade batteries.

Elon Musk and his brilliant team think that autonomous driving cars are the future! Though they got significant backlash behind their backs during the early phases, now everyone is eager about what they’re about to do.

Artificial Intelligence

What is this Artificial Intelligence that everyone is talking about recently? In simple terms, it is the study and development of computerized systems that can process information in the same way that a human brain does. That way, robots will proficiently perceive visual elements as eyes do, recognize and analyze audio frequencies as ears do. Advanced features like speech recognition, intelligence, and other human-like activities will soon follow.

Let’s get back a few years to see what artificial intelligence could have done, and they failed miserably. Elon Musk declared a few years back that Tesla vehicles will be fully autonomous by 2019. Everyone was excited about it.

Autonomous vehicles drive without human drivers. It sounds like dark magic. A hundred years back, even a modern-day smartphone would be considered magic. Hence, it simply shows how far we have come due to innovation and development in technology.

As it’s already 2021, and we don’t have level 5 autonomous vehicles everywhere, it seems like Tesla miscalculated it. However, we have some good news. New updates rolled out to Tesla vehicles allow the owner of the Tesla vehicle to summon it to their location remotely.

Feature to summon your car

The summon feature allows the owner to call his car to his location using a smartphone. After the summon call, the car turns on. It checks all the cameras and sensors in the Tesla car and finds a clear path towards the owner. The car starts moving after the initial check finishes. In a sense, we have self-driving cars, but it is only available currently for a short distance. And the car drives itself in the appropriate lane, follows all the laws, and stops at traffic lights.

Tesla’s Full Self Driving (FSD) feature

Tesla recently updated their Tesla vehicles with the FSD package. It consists of various Artificial Intelligence-based elements such as Summon feature (we just discussed), Navigate on autopilot, Automatic lane-change assist, and Full Self Driving.

Although named Full Self Driving, this feature is more of a Driver-Assist thing. We have seen Tesla car driving tests on roads with fully automatic systems. It is not street-legal yet. Even Elon Musk himself has commented that it will take some more time. Artificial Intelligence has got us this far, and it will lead to driver-less fully automatic cars in the future.

Dissecting the AI: How does it all work?

Neural networking is a subset of Artificial Intelligence. An algorithm is a sequence of well-defined and implementable instructions. A neural network is a series of such algorithms that tries to find the relationship from given data. And this neural networking is how the human brain functions. If the computerized system works similarly, we get AI based on neural networking.

Tesla is using machine learning for broad data computation and edge computing for real-time decision-making. All Tesla vehicles can be turned autonomous in the future via software updates. Tesla used this route to fix the heating issues in the Tesla cars back in 2014. They have all kinds of inbuilt sensors and cameras which feed the tesla server all the time.

AI is not only about automobiles but also the hardware and software that goes into them. Tesla is about to develop its AI-optimized chips, other hardware, and software.

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