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What You Need to Know About Veeam Universal License

With globalization and technological advancements, businesses have notably shifted towards hybrid and multi-cloud environments. This shift has been majorly based on the foundation of portability, thus making subscription-type licensing an expectation. Veema licensing has come in handy to provide its customers with various products through a portable license technique. 


Veeam Universal License involves a portable license that can be used universally. Besides, it includes licensing by the amount of safeguarded workloads, older per socket, orchestrated instance, or using options. This license provides users with an added chance of portability, allowing easy jump to hybrid and cloud environments with no additional cloud fee. 

Veeam Universal Licenses occur during a defined period usually paid yearly for a 3-year term or 1-5 year paid upfront conditions. Purchasing these licenses allows you to use them interchangeably across various workload types and Veeam products. You will enjoy multiple benefits of a pay-as-you-go license, including the capability to pay for all you use using a cloud-friendly OpEx budgeting technique. Also, you can opt to take CapEx options if they fit you better. 

Advantages of Using Universal License

  • Easy to use: Universal licenses are simple to order and manage. These licenses do not involve complex management methods, making them convenient for everyone. Also, these licenses can be easily merged by users.
  • Universal Portable: universal licenses can be interchangeable across various workloads and Veeam products.
  • Price predictable: the costs for the license are known, and they can either be made annually or bought as multi-year contracts. Multi-year contracts provide you with a much better pricing plan.
  • Safe from lock-in: you can opt not to renew your subscription if you feel dissatisfied and thus opt for another plan. 
  • Value increase: Universal license features more components at a reduced price per workload. You can purchase what you require only with no risk of being locked into a particular workload license. 
  • Support: you will be provided with production support at no extra cost if the license is still valid. 
  • You will also enjoy a pay per workload, thus allowing you to renew the relevant license only at a particular time. 
  • Veeam Licenses Required for Workload
  • Workload includes a virtual machine, NAS file, Enterprise application, or Cloud Virtual Machine. You can buy licenses sold in minimum quantities of about five to ten permits and use them to protect your multiple workloads. 

Number of License Requirements

Generally, the quantity of licenses required depends on the number of workloads to be protected. Nevertheless, most workloads need only one support each. However, you can exempt endpoints and workstations, which usually require one license to cover three workstations. Likewise, two licenses can protect a single TB, and one Veeam Universal License can cover 500 GB of NAS file capacity. 

It is best to use the license configurator to determine the number of licenses you need to avoid shortcomings. This determination can be done by selecting the product and entering your team of choice and workload.  

The Veeam Universal Licenses are usually sold in quantities of at least ten licenses. Nevertheless, you can use Veeam Backup Essentials, which generally involve 5-license bundles; if the ten licenses become a barrier. The Veeam Backup Essentials also goes to a maximum of fifty workloads at most for small business requirements.

Merging Licenses

You can merge license files if you want to manage your environment centrally. Therefore, you must maintain both Veeam Universal License and per-socket components. Nevertheless, not all products can be merged by users. 

Note that the socket license edition defines an environment’s ability to be merged; when combining Veeam Universal Licenses and per-socket licenses. 

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