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Dinner Party Survey [Infographic]

Dinner parties and hostess etiquettes typically take us back to times, that not so many years ago meant that a side plate for a bread roll meant the height of sophistication. White serviettes, or napkins where seen as a touch of class, and while this still holds true today as you’ll see if you go to any decent restaurant, at home paper napkins carefully fanned or folded showed that your dinner party was a serious affair, a place to show-off your new found culinary skills and that you had your finger on the pulse of high society table manners and expectations.

The classical prawn cocktail with buttered brown bread triangles for first course takes us back to the 1970s, when every home had a hostess trolley and the hostess was definitely out to impress. Think back to Mrs Bouquet, in Keeping Up Appearances, and you’ll get an idea of how candle lit soirées where the fashion.

Despite changing times dinner parties aren’t a thing resigned to the history books, they still exist today, so we thought we’d take a look at out how they have changed over recent years by conducting a survey. We asked 1500 women questions about dinner party etiquette and found some very surprising results.

Read on to find out what the results of our Dinner Party Survey revealed. We think you’ll be in for a bit of a shock when you discover the reasons people have for hosting a dinner party and the little white lies partners that partners are told over the amount of money hostesses actually spend!

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