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3 Most Tech-Infused Sports That Exist Today

The modern sporting landscape is one defined by huge amounts of pressure and high stakes, as the prizes on offer for top sports stars continue to grow in value.

This has brought with it a certain amount of expectation from officiating bodies to ensure that the decisions made by umpires and referees are as accurate as possible, ensuring that fairness wins out above all else.

Here we take a peek at the sports that have gone the extra mile to achieve this almost impossible feat, employing the use of high-tech gadgets and systems to try and ensure that their athletes compete on a level playing field.

The NFL was one of the first sports leagues to adopt high tech solutions that could help head coaches and umpires alike

American Football

Some of the earliest adopters of tech features were American sports leagues, but the one that stands out above the rest is the NFL. American Football’s start-stop nature meant it was ripe for having time consuming technology inserted into its midst, assuring sports fans and bettors alike that the decisions made out on the field were fair.

This all began way back in the 1950s when earpieces were inserted into the helmets of quarterbacks and other players, by coaches who wished to call plays from the sideline without having to shout over crowd noise. From then on there came a slew of other tech initiatives which allowed those who wager on and watch the NFL to see the game through the eyes of an umpire, via instant replay and super slo-mo replays.

Coaches are also now equipped with tablets from which they can watch the game from different angles, so they know when to throw a flag on a play and switch out a player who’s struggling with an injury. The exciting thing for fans and sports bettors is that much of the same technology is now evaluated by comparison sites that provide reviews, such as this Fox Bet sportsbook review. This is because most websites and apps provided by online sportsbooks feature the sort of live replays and statistical analysis that a coach or umpire can call upon during a game.


Motorsports have always been at the cutting edge of technical engineering and so it comes as no surprise that motorsports series like F1 took to tech solutions like ducks to water.

This is evidenced in the pitlane, where every team’s garage is packed with monitors and the whole team is wired up so that each mechanic, driver, and team impresario knows exactly what needs to be done to eek a few hundredths of a second from their racing setup.

An F1 car is also perhaps one of the most interconnected pieces of sporting hardware found anywhere in the world, with mechanics able to monitor everything from fuel consumption to tyre wear in real time. As the sport gradually transfers to being 100% electric, fans and sports bettors can expect even more tech additions down the line.

Tech solutions have always been at the forefront of motorsports, but F1 really takes things up a notch or two


There is a general consensus that the best games or sports tend to be the ones that are the simplest to get a grasp of, but certain parts of the world buck that trend, engaging in athletic pastimes like cricket.

For those in the know, cricket is a game of mental endurance and intricate skill, but there are many times during a pro match that technology now has to be called upon to ratify an umpire’s decision. This has led to all manner of tech solutions being given the green light by cricket’s world governing body, the ICC. These include: hotspot technology to see if the ball has grazed a bat’s edge, tracking technology called Hawk Eye to see whether an LBW decision was correct, and even the Snick-o-meter, which picks up sound waves to detect whether a ball has hit a bat or pad.

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