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Ali Ghani, Edmonton entrepreneur, on 3 fitness apps worth looking at

As a tech executive or entrepreneur, you face myriad challenges on a daily basis. From leading meetings and making decisions to, in some cases, constant travel, the demands on your time can often seem overwhelming. You want to avoid burnout and stay as sharp and focused as you can possibly be, but how can you do that when there are only so many hours in a day?

Ali Ghani, Edmonton entrepreneur and investor is a longtime believer in the mind-body connection. In his estimation, a healthy mind and a healthy body are both crucial to staying sharp throughout the business day and, as often experienced, well into the night.

Ghani says he wouldn’t have the stamina he has were he not so physically fit.

“It’s a commitment I made a long time ago, to keep myself healthy and strong. To accomplish this, I go to the gym for a workout everyday and I’m an avid runner, often early in the morning before settling in for a long day at work.”

One thing Ghani notes is that technology has gotten to the point where it can help anyone stay fit.

“There are lots of smartphone apps and computer applications that are wonderful for keeping us on top of our game,” he says.

Here are 3 fitness apps to explore.


A helpful smartphone app, according to Edmonton’s Ali Ghani, is Stepz. It’s a free app that tracks how many steps you take and miles you log when you walk or run.

Stepz was developed specifically for iPhones and Apple Watches.  It’s a digital pedometer that uses Apple’s Motion Coprocessor to automatically collect motion data in the background while at the same time saving battery life.

Ghani notes that Stepz integrates well with the Apple Health app, which gathers data from your various health and fitness-related apps to provide you with a convenient health profile and record on your phone or watch.

“Plus,” says Ghani, “It maintains your information with a high degree of privacy and doesn’t share it externally.”


Another excellent app, says Ghani, is 8Fit, which offers on-demand workouts and meal planning to help you not only stay fit but also eat healthy. This app, which is available for both iOS and Android and is available in three versions — free, pay-per-month and annual fee — creates a customized diet and exercise program specifically for each user based on your individual needs.

“It’s easy to use,” says Ghani, “You determine your personal goal — for example, let’s say you want to lose weight — then you apply specific criteria to your goal, like how much you want to lose or how much you want to reduce your body fat in a particular time frame.”

The app then applies a number of details to help you accomplish your goals, plus provides a realistic assessment of how hard or easy it will be to reach them. You can then use the app to work out with videos, document what you eat, and even create meal plans with recipes and shopping lists. “The paid versions offer even more features,” says Ghani.

Daily Yoga:

But what if you’re so busy that your time is at a premium, and you need to accomplish your goals in a more simple way? In recent years, many people have discovered (or rediscovered) the joys of practicing yoga, which might just be one of the top mind-body practices out there. Yoga allows practitioners to combine gentle postures with focused breathing while clearing their minds for a limited time. People who practice it say they love it, and it’s something you can do anywhere.

“Yoga looks easy, but it’s a great workout,” says Ghani. “It helps you become more flexible and centered.”

There are numerous yoga apps on the market including Daily Yoga, which is free for iPhone and Android while also offering in-app purchases. According to the app’s website, more than 50 million people use it.

“Whether you’re new to yoga or have been practicing it for some time,” says Ghani, “you’ll find hundreds of class plans and asanas (poses) on the app, which offers instructions to help you through every movement,” he says. “You’ll also learn how to safely do more complex poses, and you’ll have access to a global community that will help you stay motivated.”

Whichever app or apps you decide to use, says Ali Ghani, Edmonton entrepreneur, you’ll find that the healthier you feel, the more energetic, motivated and creative you’re likely to be in running your business.

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