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A small battery disables the PlayStation 3

Sony PlayStation 3 is an excellent gaming console that will provide its owner with many hours of entertainment. It allows you to play alone or join online battles with friends. Exclusive games available for the console make it an indispensable device in almost every family. PlayStation 3 is also a computer which is specialized for games and certain maintenance requirements may arise over time.

One flaw in the architecture of the PlayStation 3 is a CMOS battery which may run out over time. If this happens, users will not be able to run games properly until they replace and connect to the PlayStation Network. The CMOS battery is also used in PS3 consoles to determine the internal system time and power the console’s internal clock. When a user tries to launch a game, the system needs to compare the internal clock time with the date and time on the remote server to make sure the content is authorized, and it also needs to correctly show when the player received a trophy in the game. If the power supply is removed or depleted for any reason, the console will ask the player to manually enter the date and time when starting a game, and will attempt to sync over the internet. Digital versions of games on the PlayStation 3 may also stop working.

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Some disk based games may launch and function while some may refuse to install. Downloaded content may stop loading after 97% and a CE error 34878-0 may appear on PlayStation 3 which can corrupt the data of already installed games. Fortunately, this does not always happen, but getting even one of these errors will not be a pleasant experience.

Replacing the CMOS battery is easy. You need to remove the cover of the console, find and disconnect the old battery, and then install a new one in its place. Here is a large selection of batteries for almost all models of laptops and CMOS Battery for PS3. After replacing the battery, be sure to connect to the PlayStation Network to automatically adjust the console’s internal time. If the player does not have access to the Internet, then the console will not be able to function properly.

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