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Benefits of Internet Safety for Kids [Infographic]

As a parent, a great way of ensuring internet safety for your kid is beginning right in the home. If you wish to know what your kid does online, ask the child, friends, or even other parents. You can ask appropriate questions, assess what your child is using the internet for and ensure the kid’s internet safety.

Below are some of the questions you can ask;

a. The websites they frequent most

b. The activities they participate in when they visit those websites

c. If they are required to register

d. The information needed to become a member of those sites

Your kid’s internet safety is vital, read on to find out why:

Protection from Cyber Bullies

The online environment is similar to the real-world, so you can meet aggressive people or even encounter bullying behavior. Internet safety facts and statistics reveal that 53% of kids have experienced cyberbullying, and teenagers who spend a lot of time online are likely to be bullied! Cyberbullying can be in different forms, for instance, hurtful words or even images.

Cyberbullies use the internet and other gadgets like phones to humiliate, harass, and threaten their targets. But there is a way to keep your kids safe? Nowadays, some companies buy phones and other electronic gadgets online. So, marketing to selling your kid’s phone shouldn’t be an issue. By typing sell my iPhone online on any search engine, you will come across these companies’ websites.

There are also other types of bullying, and these include; hacking of passwords, identity theft, and blackmail. Kids are vulnerable to cyberbullying, while others become bullies themselves. If you ensure that they’re safe online, you protect them from all these threats.


Today, most kids enjoy the benefits of the internet. Though they begin using the internet as toddlers, as they get older, they venture online with less or no supervision. This way, they get exposed to many risks. A kid’s internet safety is essential, besides, when you control what they do online, it becomes easier for them to be responsible.

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