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5 best A/B testing Tools of 2019!

For a successful website, one needs to find suitable ways that help with maximizing conversions. You may think, your website’s design is optimal but do you know for sure? The only way to find out is through A/B testing. A/B testing isn’t a one time job, you constantly need to test different things in order to maximize conversions and optimize the site better.

Well, you all must be wondering how A/B testing can be implemented effectively to find suitable options that push conversions. Largely speaking, testing provides a great many opportunities such as related to finding more suitable design choices, which can help with optimization and conversion rate. Subtle changes like in the size of the CTA button, position of the CTA button, color scheme, etc. can make a huge difference. This concept however goes further. A/B tests are different for different businesses. They vary depending on the size of the business, marketing, sales goals, and on technical grounds too. That is why we need tools for A/B testing that allow us to better analyze the data.

I’d highly recommend you to try out the following five testing tools no matter what your business is, they will be of great help to you.

Google Optimize:

Certainly, it is hard to put out a list of software which doesn’t involve any Google tool. Google provides a range of tools that enable us to monitor and analyze data against set metrics and stats. All tools are significant in their own way and so is Google Optimize.

This tool should be your number one priority as it is natively integrated with the functionalities of Google Analytics, providing you with insights into the statistical data of the entire website. How users are interacting with your website, what is the user behavior pattern, what are the possible reasons for user’s bounce back? All this data will help you in prioritizing the areas which need to be tested first.

The best thing about Google Optimize, which makes it number one on our list, is that it’s a free tool. You can also integrate this tool with Google Adwords, Firebase, etc. And it is helpful in testing mobile features too, which contribute towards optimization in a bid to yield better results.


Apptimize is best suitable for A/B testing of mobile applications. This tool is of great help with identifying a number of major issues affecting user interaction, and improving the profitability of an app.

Most businesses are still not utilizing the potential of mobile apps to target millions of users sitting behind their mobile phones albeit the conversion from mobile apps is as important as that from desktop and mobile responsive sites. For example: Consider you get an app developed for Cox communications billing. Your job doesn’t end by just getting an app developed because now you have to maintain it and ensure it is efficient enough to attract users. Plus one needs to conduct app optimization in order to make the app prominent among a million others. Through this app, you can run the A/B tests on mobile applications so as to optimize them better and acquire a higher conversion rate.

Apptimize supports several different coding blocks like Objective-C, Swift, Xamarin, React Native, Java, etc.


SiteSpect is another prominent name for A/B testing and is specially designed for tech-friendly people. This is an advanced tool and I wouldn’t suggest it to beginners; it is best for professionals.

A popular choice for businesses which self-host their websites, it allows you to edit HTML before leaving the server. SiteSpect provides the facility of a visual editing tool that proves quite handy for A/B testing. It is different from other tools because it provides the ease of accessing a site from both the client and the user end. Accessing your website from both ends enables you to understand the user experience better and lets you analyze the other metrics better too.

For A/B testing one must have a consistent and reliable internet connection, however. For a reliable connection will help you gather real-time data efficiently. Click here to find yourself the most suitable internet connection for business and home.


Otimizely is the leader of the A/B testing domain. It is literally the friendliest tool and lets you run several different tests on your website. The best thing about Optimizely is that it allows you run an A/B test on multiple pages and platforms at once. For example, you can run a test on your contact page while testing the shopping cart and billing form on your mobile site.

Optimizely produces the easiest to read reports which let you analyze results in depth. And it also permits you to test a number of other factors like cookies, geography, ads, and audience segmentation, etc.


Convert is specifically designed for medium-sized businesses and provides amazing A/B testing solutions. You can utilize its potential for A/B testing, split test, and Multivariate tests. The best thing about Convert is, it provides easy integration with the content management system and Google analytics. It provides a great many opportunities for personalization too, and lets you build a strong customer profile.

I hope the article is of valuable help to you all in identifying the best tools for A/B testing. These tools are amazing for any business (small, medium or large). They provide easily readable reports and great insights into the outcome of the tests performed.

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