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Does Your Sydney Business Need Enterprise SEO?

Sydneysiders now have access to more online information than ever before. With the average Australian spending over 5 hours every day on the internet, almost 90% of people in Sydney use the internet every day.

Digital marketing has changed the landscape of enterprise in Sydney, and marketers here are willing to stay ahead with these changing trends. Did you know that nearly 90% of marketers in Sydney use social media posts for marketing purposes?

Nearly 51% of all website traffic comes from organic search. Thus, to perform well in organic search, your enterprise website and blog posts need to show up. That’s where enterprise SEO in Sydney can help. It ensures that your enterprise has an improved online presence, and you meet your desired business goals.

What is Enterprise SEO?

The latest SEO statistics for Sydney show that over 65% of online searches are for local businesses.

With so many online prospects for your business to prosper, you require a large-scale, strategic SEO approach. It all depends on your brand positioning within the Google search.

When it comes to enterprise SEO, it is less about the firm’s size and the number of pages. For instance, if you have over 1,000 products and services, then you have an enterprise site. Enterprise SEO is a smarter, scalable, and more sophisticated approach to improving the organic search for an enterprise site.

It protects your brand’s existing search footprint against fluctuating Google’s algorithm and ensures a higher ROI from SEO.

Builds Trust for your Products and Services

Over 80% of Sydneysiders conduct online searches on their mobile phones, and 89% recommend a brand after a decent brand experience on mobile.

Effective enterprise SEO presents your brand to potential customers at every stage of their purchasing experience. It makes your company more trusted and familiar to the customers.

In a way, enterprise SEO helps your brand to dominate an entire business category.

Protects Your Brand

Every customer interested in any product or service will surely search for various brand options online. A potential customer will come across websites and social media profiles controlled by the brands. Then there are third-party reviews and news articles.

Nearly 71% of customers use search engines to check out new brands. About 85% of online consumers in Sydney search for reliable content from trusted experts.

Enterprise SEO helps control your online narrative by keeping a tap on the online search results of your brand. It enables you to have a broader search landscape with preferred content from other trusted sites.

SEO in Sydney helps in expanding your digital footprint. It bolsters your brand positioning, mitigating sales losses.

Improves Branding

Enterprise SEO focuses on influencing the visibility of your brand terms, like the brand name and brand services. With an effective strategy, you can reinforce your brand elements, as your brand’s online touchpoints increase.

About 81% of online shoppers in Sydney do thorough online research before selecting a brand. They look for brand names, branded products, and product reviews to make an informed decision.

The right online reputation management, which combines effective PR and SEO features, creates good content and pushes your brand onto the first page of search results. With the right PR tactics and traditional SEO techniques, enterprise SEO pushes content about your brand higher in the Google SERPs.

Display Ads

Recent market studies show that 55% of marketers in Sydney consider blog content creation as the top inbound marketing priority.

Though paid advertising is expensive, running ads helps increase the traffic on your site. Enterprise SEO clubbed with paid search and advertising, reduces your ad expenses, making it a part of your marketing strategy. Gradually, you will begin to rely less on paid ads. Enterprise SEO enhances your organic search presence, thus improving the effectiveness of paid advertisements.

Improves Social Media Presence

About 56% of Sydney marketers find social media as the most effective platform to help their organisation achieve specific business goals. Nearly 93% of Australians commonly use Facebook for their marketing purposes, whereas 87% use LinkedIn.

Enterprise SEO sets a strategy to utilise channels like publications and influencers efficiently. These channels amplify your social media campaigns to targeted audiences for higher ROI. Over half of the Australian population logs into a social media platform. Enterprise SEO helps you promote your content on these platforms for a more significant ROI.

Improves Keyword Strategy

The Hummingbird query architecture and the RankBrain machine learning algorithm helped improve the way Google understood the search terms. It can now understand semantic relationships between words and phrases. Nearly 50% of search queries across Sydney are four words or longer. Also, over 30% of Australians here use voice search.

Enterprise SEO strategy focuses not only on broad categories of keywords but also the relation between them. It covers the overall buyer’s funnel. It includes searches like research for awareness, product for comparison, and brand for the final decision. The enterprise SEO makes use of a more conversational approach to search queries with long-tail keywords, thus influencing your brand’s search results.

Leverages Strategic Automation

Enterprise SEO scalability supports your future business objectives, considering Google’s search goals and essential algorithm updates.

Automation plays a vital role in improving enterprise SEO scalability. With the plethora of enterprise SEO tools and platforms, you can see a ten-fold improvement in the outcomes.

In the case of keywords, you have tools like Google Search Console to improve your coverage and efficiency. For technical SEO analysis, you have Moz and Botify.

Helps in Overall Optimisation

Enterprise SEO helps in the overall high-quality content creation and on-page optimisation. About 40% of Sydney companies hire an experienced content strategist executive to ensure an article or evergreen resource page ranks for a plethora of low-competition keywords.

It also aids in acquiring targeted backlinks to high-value pieces of content.

Though content is king, experts believe that by 2022, videos will account for nearly 80% of all web traffic in Sydney. New businesses appear each day, all competing to get to the top of the online search results. Therefore, hire an SEO Sydney company that understands the latest SEO trends and bolsters your business.

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