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When Do You Need Sex Offence Lawyers in Sydney

The crime rate in Sydney has now increased to 35.5%, even though prostitution is legal in the city. Sex crimes in Sydney are a criminal offense. They include a wide range of offenses like rape, sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual slavery, and sex with a minor, any act that qualifies as obscenity, production, and supply of child pornography.

While sex crimes are severe crimes that may cause physical and emotional distress to the victim, it is essential to note that not all persons charged with a sex offense lawsuit are actual sex offenders. If you have been charged with a sex offense in the city, contact sex offence lawyers sydney to prove your innocence.

Proving Your Innocence

In case you have been framed with a sex offense charge, the prosecution still has to prove that you participated in sexual activity with another person without the consent of such a person. The prosecution must prove the lack of consent of the other party. If the prosecution does not have sufficient evidence to prove the two points, your lawyer can use the lack of evidence to get you an acquittal.

If you were coerced or forced into the act by any person, your lawyer would help you avoid conviction. Only sex offenders who carry out the reckless act of their own free will can be charged with a sex crime lawsuit.

Legal Representation and Submission

According to NSW recorded crime statistics, the number of sexual assaults increased by 18% in Sydney. Reports also show that 87% of sexual assault victims were female. The law and legal provisions relating to sex crimes are comprehensive and tricky. The accused will have to prepare detailed submissions explaining their case. The submissions must quote relevant sections of the act, relevant case laws, and other legal points.

An attorney who deals in sex offense cases every day will be well versed in the legal nitty-gritty of the law and the situation. Preparing and submitting the submission without the help of an expert sex offense lawyer will be challenging to say the least.

You will also need the representation services of sex offense lawyers in Sydney to prove your case. Your lawyer can represent you in court, argue your case using legally sound points and prove the prosecution wrong using his/her legal knowledge.

The Crimes (Serious Sex Offender Act) 2006 (NSW) provides for continuous monitoring of “serious sex offenders” for public safety. The services of a lawyer are essential if there is a chance you may get registered as a sex offender. Here’s a great site for information.

Reduction in Punishments

If it’s reasonably apparent you will get a conviction, your lawyer may help reduce the intensity of the punishment. Offenders who volunteer to plead guilty right at the beginning of the case may get a reduction by up to 25%. Your lawyer may also be able to get you a conditional release order to help avoid heavy punishments.

Legal Knowledge and Expertise

Sex offense lawyers work with persons charged with sex offense lawsuits daily. Experienced lawyers who have been working in the area for years have invaluable experience and expertise. They may already have experience in dealing with similar cases like yours. The attorney will know what strategies will work best based on the facts of your case.

The lawyer also has exhaustive knowledge of the legal provisions surrounding the sex offense charge. These provisions may be too difficult for a non-specialist to understand or apply dynamically in court.

Choose a Reputed Lawyer

There are over 4000 registered child sex offenders in Sydney. The sex offenders list is constantly scrutinized, and registered offenders are not allowed into several areas, events, and offices. A registered sex offender faces severe legal complications. Working with a reputed sex offense lawyer in Sydney will help boost your chances of getting an acquittal.

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