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Byju’s App: A Big Revolution in the Field of Education

Learning is a process which has to be done with proper understanding and with great involvement otherwise it is valueless. But the way of learning is different in case of every student. Some students always have a keen interest to learn things and study hard but some students are a bit slow to cope up with the class teaching hence they tend to lose interest in learning and they find it difficult. Here the technology has come to the rescue. These Days there are many educational applications that help the students for learning without any difficulty. These apps include interesting video lectures with great content, practice tests and sample tests for measuring their performance on their own and finally a detailed analysis to know in which areas they are lagging behind. Among all these educational applications “Byju’s – The Learning Application” stands to be India’s best ever learning app with 250,000 paid users and more than 5.5 million downloads. Another important thing is, on playstore, Byjus app review has increased to 484,503.

These are the main features of Byju’s – The Learning Application which makes it unique from the other educational application that exists in the education firm.

  • Engaging Video Lectures: This app has video lectures designed by India’s best teachers. The video lectures are made with in-air projection technique and 3D animation so that students can learn concepts with a practical approach. Students can learn complex concepts like thermodynamics, photosynthesis and much more easily by just watching these video lectures. One can also watch these video lectures again and again until the concept is completely understood.
  • Adaptive Learning: Students can track their ability to learn, leading them to develop valuable and beneficial self-monitoring skills. It helps them to indulge in personal learning progress. Learning difficult subjects like maths, physics, biology and chemistry through this app is made easier.
  • Chapter wise Tests:  This application provides chapter-wise tests that help a student to focus on his/her weaker areas. After completing a chapter, there appears a test which includes all the possible questions related to that particular chapter.
  • Detailed Analysis: Once the test is finished, it comes up with a detailed analysis report. One can track his/her own performance through this and this detailed analysis portrays the performance level of a student. One can improve his/her performance by following this report.
  • Personal Mentors and Guides: Any Activity on the tablet is tracked such as watching a sector of a video by mentors of BYJU’S Classes giving a clearance of how students are benefiting from learning.
  • Complete syllabus coverage: The modules are planned in a way as to provide complete coverage of all ICSE, CBSE and state-level Boards syllabus for class 10, 9, 8 and 7. Complete JEE Preparation and AIPMT Preparation for Class 11-12.
  • Parent App: These days, parents have only the parent-teacher meeting to know about their child’s performance. But this app has a special feature i.e. the parent application which shows the detailed analysis of the child’s performance and weaker areas. Hence, a parent will also be aware of his child’s studies.

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