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Top 5 PMP Certification Exam Tips and Tricks for Upcoming Years

Having PMP certification demonstrates your project management skills and experience. But like other exams, the PMP exam can be overwhelming too. It requires months of hard work, dedication, and diligence. And even when you do put all the efforts to clear the exam, there is no certainty whether you’ll pass the exam.

To improve your chances of getting certified, it is very important for you to make sure that all the hard work that you are putting in is in the right direction. And to ascertain that we have created a list of 5 handy tips.

1. Use PMBOK Guide

The PMBOK Guide offered by the PMI is the single most important study material for PMP preparation. Rather than using other study material or joining a PMP certification course and then going through the Guide, it’ll be much better if you first go through the Guide and then the other materials or join a course. Try to finish at least one or two knowledge areas every week.

Also, don’t just memorize the things mentioned in the Guide. Understand the concepts as most of the questions in the exam will test how you apply the concepts and not how well you remember them.

2. Be familiar with the Question pattern

The exam will have many types of questions, and it is very important that you know each one of them. There will be direct and short questions, scenario-based and situational questions, lengthy questions, formula-based questions and ITTO questions which would ask about inputs and outputs of management processes.

You can go through sample exam papers to understand the questions better. Go through the questions of one sample test every day. You can find plenty of websites where there are free and paid sample tests.

3. Take a Good PMP Course

While self-study is good too, nothing can beat the professional course when it comes to PMP. Moreover, the exam itself requires at least 35 contact hours. Look out for reputed PMP certification course to better prepare for the exam. You can now easily find courses that will easily suit your daily schedule.

However, you should not opt for a course when you are too close or too far from the actual exam date. A gap of 3-4 weeks will provide the right amount of time for you to prepare and practice.

4. Join the Local PMP Chapter

Get a PMI membership, and you’ll be able to find a local chapter close to you. While there is a membership fee, you do get a hefty discount from PMI for the exam if you are a member. The local chapters would make it easier for you to make new contacts, meet others appearing for the exam, and people who have already cleared the exam.

Building knowledge, sharing ideas and solutions are some important benefits that you should surely take advantage of if you want to clear the project management training course exam.

5. Use Flash Cards

Preparing for the exam with the help of flashcards is a time-tested method that is simple yet highly effective. You can find free or paid flashcards online, or you can also make them yourself. The ones you download can be flipped on your computer, laptop, or even mobile phone and can be used anytime you are free.

If you are downloading them, make sure that you only get them from reliable sources and if you are making them yourself, try first to find some information about how to make them in the right manner to get best benefits.

While there is no denying that the preparations for PMP certification can be challenging, it is with the help of right tips like the ones mentioned above that you can significantly improve your chances of clearing the exam.

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