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8 Smart Ways for CPG Companies To Get Quick Product Reviews

Well-established brands constantly strive to create new products that can meet the ever-changing needs and requirements of the consumers. But, are you wondering how they know what the consumers are demanding? Well, it’s all doable by obtaining ratings and reviews from the consumers by simply asking them to leave it, or you can generate a QR code (gerar QR code) and place it on the product package for convenient review sharing. Before we indulge deep into the savvy ideas for getting reviews, let’s go over two key reasons why it’s important to get reviews.

Significance of Customer Reviews & Ratings

  • Help Potential Customers Make An Informed Decision

Online purchasing decisions are highly influenced by what others say about the product or service. Positive product reviews help build customers’ trust and stimulate them to purchase it.

Most e-commerce websites display customer reviews and ratings beneath the product description to assist prospects in making an informed decision.

  • Help Brands Get Better Insights To Rectify The Issues

Analyzing the opinions left by customers will help you identify the overall customer satisfaction level. It really helps businesses know the areas of improvement and details to modify to meet the expectations of the users, thereby creating a positive experience and making them loyal customers of the brand.

8 Smart Ideas to Obtain Product Reviews

  • Ask Consumers to Write their Experience

Simply request consumers to leave a product review – it’s the basic way to acquire more reviews.

Whether it’s your brick-and-mortar store, your website, or you are selling through a third-party retailer like Amazon or Flipkart, never forget to ask your consumers to share their experiences.

Maybe some will reject or overlook your request, but the rest will surely make an effort to convey their views on your product.

  • Make it Easy – Place a QR Code For Consumers to Post a Review

Several industries have been using QR codes, but the CPG industry, specifically, can benefit from incorporating QR codes on their labels to make it cozy for mobile-first consumers to convey their opinions.

Instead of making customers manually type the URL from the product package, scanning the QR code will direct them to the review posting page. Thus, we can say it makes a major difference and helps you obtain a substantial number of reviews.

Brands thinking of adopting this idea are mandated to create a QR code (criar QR code) of the finest quality. They can use one of the various online tools available for the making of QR codes for free.

Not just for the purpose of review sharing, but you can accommodate a lot more points regarding product usage, ingredients used, and more in such codes.

  • Incentive-oriented Reviews for Products

Incentivizing feedback is a great way to encourage shoppers to drop a review. It’s all possible by furnishing tempting rewards for sharing their inputs, or you could create sweepstakes and offer discounts, loyalty points, coupons, and other incentives.

When incentives are promised, anyone can extract a few minutes to write genuine and high-quality reviews. As mentioned earlier, authentic opinions help prospects decide on the product easily by providing insights into your brand.

  • Send Post-purchase Emails/ SMS for Encouraging Reviews

One of the efficacious ways to obtain product reviews is by sending emails/ SMS to customers asking them to review or rate a product. Post-interaction emails can significantly help increase the review volume.

However, timing plays a major role – you must give consumers enough time to use and experience the product before asking them for a review. If you email them too soon, the possibilities are you might not get the authentic reviews you were seeking for.

  • Don’t Forget to Follow Up With Buyers

Many times, it transpires that even after receiving the post-purchase email, consumers forget/ miss to write the reviews. Thus, sending them follow-up emails or SMS as a reminder is the best idea. Also, don’t send a follow-up email too soon or frequently, as it might annoy customers. Furthermore, you can use an appropriate email marketing software that can automate the follow-up process for you.

  • Employ Social Media Platforms to Capture Reviews

Social media usage by people at large has encouraged many brands to employ this medium to advertise their products and services. Besides, brands can connect with the target audience to ask for their opinions and feedback through these platforms.

Either on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, request your consumers to drop a review and tag your brand to increase reach and visibility. In addition, share and repost these recent reviews and tag the shoppers who posted them along with a thank you message. Prospects can find these reviews to be authentic, ultimately motivating them to make a purchase.

  • Register for Amazon Vine Program

One promising method to gather more reviews is enrolling in the Amazon Vine Program. Amazon invites its trusted reviewers (customers who unfailingly post helpful reviews and is renowned for expertise in the specific product classes) to post their opinions about new goods and services to assist potential customers in making informed decisions. They are called Vine Voices.

If you enrolled in this program, these Vine Voices will contact you to test your products/ services and review them. You have to hand over your product for free to each Vine Voice. Once analyzed, they will write an unbiased and genuine review that is in-depth and may include your product image.

  • Positive or Negative – Give Response For All

Reviews can be positive or negative, but your responsibility is to respond to every review your product will receive. This shows how transparent your brand is and how much you care about every customer and their issues with the brand.

If consumers post negative feedback, respond to them with an apology message and assure them to make their experience better the next time. Similarly, if someone shares a positive review, thank them with a personalized thank you message. These will persuade other buyers to share their experience with the product.

Final Thoughts

We’ve mentioned eight fantastic methods to grab authentic reviews for your product page. You can either pick one or employ a combination to encourage shoppers to leave a comment. Whether it’s sending a post-purchase email or taking advantage of Amazon’s Vine program, you’ll certainly be able to increase the volume of your product reviews. Good Luck!

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