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6 Brilliant Transactional Email Examples – An Ultimate Data-Driven Guide

Transactional email is inarguably a powerful tool to reach and connect with your customers. These emails are sent to the individuals based on their specific actions that provide a unique opportunity for the business to engage with the customers. The reason why transnational emails are considered a vital medium for customer communications and marketing is that they have high chances of opening compared to promotional emails. Therefore, many email marketing experts also use the term “Must See” emails for transactional emails. 

Talking about the Transactional Email Marketing Best Practices, there are many things that you can do to make sure that all your transactional emails are sent off without any trouble. We will cover the six best and most effective transactional email practices with the best examples in this post. 

1. Shopping Cart Abandonment 

Every online shopper has done it, filling the products in the shopping cart and failing to check out. This happens for various reasons like loss of internet connection, frustration in filling long-form, receiving a call, or sometimes even a change of mood. That’s where cart abandonment emails come in and remind the user about their unfinished purchases. While sending these emails, you can create a lucrative offer or discount or inform the customer that stocks are reducing and grab yours while there’s still some stock left with a hyperlink back or CTA button to bring them back to complete the purchase. 

2. Shipping Confirmation

Shipping confirmation emails are always very exciting for the buyers. The customers eagerly wait to open these emails and track their packages. As a business owner, you can use it as a great sales pitch and add other discounted products at the side of the main information about their shipment. But, remember, you must not make it hard for the customer to read the main information or track their package as it could turn their excitement into frustration. So, use this opportunity wisely. 

3. Order Confirmation

Order confirmation emails are very important for the customer as they consist of important information about their purchase and, most importantly, the receipts. Moreover, the majority of the online buyers double-check these emails carefully to see if everything is correct or not. Here you can benefit from the customer’s attention and recommend other products they might be interested in by using transactional email service. In addition to that, you can also create “refer a friend and win an award” in order confirmation emails to upscale your sales. 

4. Customer Feedback

Online reviews have a huge impact on the customer. According to a recent report, 91% of online customers trust online reviews and make purchases based on them. You can understand the significance of feedback emails from these numbers. Don’t send a robotic tone transaction email begging for the five-star rating or review; customers don’t like that. Instead, use this opportunity wisely and thank the buyers for the purchase and make them know how much your feedback matters to your business. In this way, you can collect many positive reviews. Also, you can use other practices like using a prominent CTA button to create a seamless product review experience where the buyer can submit a review just by pressing a single button. Another bonus tip, add a gift or discount coupon in the feedback emails to get as much as possible good reviews from the customers.  

5. Password Reset

Everyone has been through this “forgot my password” situation while shopping online. And during that time, every customer expects a quick hassle-free way out to reset their password. Another important thing about password reset emails is that they have 100% open rates. Being a business owner or an online company, you can take full benefit from this opportunity to engage with your customers through transaction emails. For example, you can promote your social media pages in these emails by including the follow button at the bottom. Airbnb practices this strategy to get more followers on their social media. Also, you need to ensure that password reset emails get straight to the point and inform the customers exactly what they need to do. 

6. Subscription Reminder

Customers absolutely love it when companies remind them about subscription renewal or the end of a free trial. Because in this way, they can easily save, renew their subscription before expiration or save themself some subscription costs by unsubscribing so they don’t get charged for it. You can use these emails to boost the customers’ trust. Include a single-click link in the mail so they can take action fast. 

Final words

These are some of the best practises for transactional emails you can use to increase your sales and customer engagement. Remember to use the best transactional email service platform to ensure the workability of your email marketing strategy. 

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